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Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, gave lots of work for translators

On July 20 Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, gave lots of work for translators.

Boris Johnson signed off his final appearance as prime minister in the UK’s House of Commons by offering advice to his successor and declaring his mission is “largely accomplished.” His legendary speech spread to the majority of news portals all over the world, together with Twitter and Youtube.

But why do we mention the job of translators together with Boris Johnson’s speech? We made some small research on it. We tried to watch the video of his appearance in the UK Parliament with subtitles in different languages.

We noticed that the automatic translation in subtitles is not as accurate as it should be. And we can understand that – just listen to the last sentences in his speech. From the first try, it is difficult to understand what he is saying. That’s why even English subtitling looks a little “confused”.

It is very important to work with such valuable speeches together with professionals. Professional certified translators in translation agencies are used to working with translating or transcribing speeches of varying complexity. They have specific knowledge for each industry and special skills to work with audio materials. Their ears are trained specifically to hear all words exactly in different languages, with different tones of voice and accents.

Homeland Language Services can surely help you with such important translations. We can be your reliable agency for translation services. Find more information about our translation services on our website.

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Certified Translation Services Near Me

Translation Services Near me: How to Reach the Right Audiences for Press Release

Delivering a press release is primary to pass critical information and reach essential stakeholders. The information might be intended for investors or customers. Having the right translator will help deliver the news and get a broader target of audiences. In return, a company or business can expect a high return from potential clients, returning clients, and attracting new investors. Here is how to reach new customers via translation services. One can search for translation services near me for accurate results in hiring a translator from the target audience location.

  • Hire translators with background knowledge in the industry

Press releases are meant to deliver a piece of important information. Because of this, a press release always has information regarding a specific audience, and it is industry-specific. The vital information can be about expansion, recalling products, shifting to a new address, etc.

Having translators knowledgeable in the field is a great plus. Whether the press release is meant for healthcare, weather, software, etc., the translator should have background knowledge in the settings to provide accurate translation and take a shorter time to deliver the information.

Many language service companies have translators niched down on targeted topics to provide better translation services.

  • Content Localization

For companies or businesses offering services in different regions, localization of the press release information is key to being successful. While a press release might seem straightforward to everyone, delivering the information to every area is vital for effective communication. It is crucial for translators and interpreters to offer localized content for every target audience.

  • Lessor no use of acronyms in Press Release Translations

Normally, acronyms do not communicate well in a press release. The inclusion of abbreviations in a press release makes the translation process to be hectic. Getting the correct meaning can be hard to get, and usually, this is where miscommunication is likely to arise.

It is wise to spell acronyms or not to use them at all in press releases. If acronyms are used in the statement, then discussing them with a translator before the translation process can minimize confusion.

  • A company or business name should be adapted

In many cases, a company or business name is not translated. Unless the business or company uses a different name in different regions. Adapting the name and other key information like addresses will extend the brand and also have less work for the translator to offer clarifications to the audience.

Reducing the contents to be translated, such as the company name, is helpful as it reduces not only the time taken for translation but also the cost of translation. Besides, there will be fewer revisions on the translated document.

  • Identify the right target

Getting the target intended for the information right is essential in delivering information. A business or organization can provide press releases to all their customers, but having information supplied in the native language to the right target audience is key in extending the brand.

It is crucial to have all goals and target audiences matched with the right translator to deliver information. Usually, getting translation services near me is the right way to search for translators when in the target audience territory.

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Translation Agencies New York: How To Select The Right Translation Agency To Work With

Having content translated by agencies can offer a pleasant experience and rewarding.  Translation agencies are awesome to work with, and some are ready to build a long-term relationship with their clients.

When looking for the right agency to work with, several agencies are available but getting the right one can be hectic. Because of the many agencies available, knowing the agencies’ differences is sometimes challenging to note, not only to new clients. Working with the right translation agency will depend on one’s working criteria, needs, and preferences.

Regarding quality, every agency promises a high-quality and quick turnaround of projects. This makes it impossible to find their differences. Here are essential things to find the best translation agencies stated by translation agencies New York.

1. Ask for referrals

A sure way to get the right agency for translation tasks is through recommendations and referrals. Getting someone from your network with knowledge of a reputable agency is a big bonus. From a person, one can ask questions regarding the type of work handled and know the agency’s efficiency.

No recommendations from your circle? You need not worry. There are references and case stories from many agencies ‘ websites. For further inquiries, contact the agency for previous clients and get a testimonial about the translation company.

2. Question the process involved in translation

Many translation companies have put up procedures and processes to follow when working. Different clients have different methods and criteria for their tasks. For a well-established company, there are systems to handle all assignments and communications with clients.

Translation arrangements help verify clients’ work and seek clarifications during the translation process. Having such arrangements should enable a client to track the translation status at every level and confirm it’s the right thing. This will help produce top translation works that suit the client’s work method and benefit the target customers.

3. Language combinations available

Before handing over translation work to a company, getting to know the language combinations they work on is essential. A client may need translation to various languages from a single language. Thus, a translation company with specialists in a handful of languages is an added advantage for multilingual translations.

Suppose the company can handle several translations to different languages. It is essential also to note that the work should not outgrow the company staff and fail to meet deadlines. Enough team to handle translation content is a sure future expansion of a client’s business and meet expectations. Translation companies with enough staff should be considered.

4. Deadlines and prices

A client should have an approximate amount payable for translation tasks. Many translation agencies quote prices differently—some quote in bunches, per tasks, per word, or project. Usually, the quoting is done after reviewing the translation tasks.

Translation tasks vary in difficulty, and this is what is used when providing quotes. Other translation tasks can involve technical terms, and these are the ones that command premium fees. Reviewing the contents also can determine the discounts given and repetitions for the omission.

One should ask about the turnaround times and if the agency meets its deadlines. Companies with good reputations on meeting deadlines are the best. Thus, it is right to opt for a company that reviews tasks before quoting prices and meets deadlines.

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Certified Translation Service in New York

Worst Translation Mistakes and How to Fix Them According to Certified Translation Services Miami

As a company or an individual looking to hire a translator, it is good to have one with the translation industry’s sharp skills. Many translators, especially the self-learned ones, might produce translated contents with plenty of errors. In return, this might lead to a catastrophe. The need for the right translation is most apparent when information is miscommunicated.

Here are some of the mistakes highlighted by Certified Translation Services Miami, and it shows the significant mistakes that translation services possess.

  • Faux Amis

This is a common mistake made by translators. Faux amis occur when a translator converts words with an identical spelling to the target audience from the source language. For example, the word ‘actuel’ in French and ‘actual’ in English. The two words have different meanings when translated. Usually, the mistake may arise when spelled or skimmed over.

This mistake can only arise when the translator is careless with the task or hurriedly translating without being keen. Such errors are avoidable. To avoid mistakes, a certified translator should be eager to verify every word and its definition. A translator should seek consultation from a unilingual or bilingual person.

  • Loss of information

Not every information can be translated and documented the same way from the source language. The loss of information is a crucial mistake during translation. During translation, loss usually happens when some aspect like tone, voice, or language level is left out in the process. The element of style loss typically leads to a shift in style the information is delivered.

To avoid loss in the style aspect, it is vital that the translator understands and goes over the original information thoroughly before the translation process begins. A translator should read more in-depth into the original text and seek further clarification from the original language if ambiguity lies in the text.

  • No Sense in Translated Information

A no sense translation arises when there is no meaning or relation to the translated text from the original text. This is more noted from using AI-powered machines for translation services. Such devices require constant database update and perfect programming to understand every language and the cultures involved. The result from an unreliable device is usually information that makes no sense and no etymological origins.

No sense translation can be mitigated by hiring a certified translation service provider or using a high-end powered AI machine. A paid or high-end AI device has fewer to no mistakes in offering translation. This will ensure every language and culture is transferred the same way it appears from the original language and culture.

  • Word Order

Rarely do translators make word order mistakes but, it occurs. Word order mistakes usually arise from translators offering translation services in their second language. This mistake typically means a translation with non-grammatical sentence constructions—regularly wrong placements of adverbs and verbs, like verbs preceding the subject in English.

Certified translation service providers rarely have such simple grammatical errors, but those offering the services in their second language commit the mistakes occasionally. Most of the mistakes emanate from a machine-produced translation or an amateur in translation that runs their translations on platforms like Google Translate. Thus, it is essential to have a certified translation service provider to help curb word order errors in translations.

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