Industries we are working for

Homeland Language Services has clients from all over the world and different industries. We are happy to provide companies and organizations with the best interpretation and translation services. In order to do this, our language experts have continuous training, enhancing their knowledge in specific topics and improving their linguist skills. 

Government Assistance


We have over 15 years of experience working with government contracts. Our interpreters and translators work with monitoring, recording, translating, transcribing, and summarizing the content of real-time oral communication. Many of our linguists have extensive experience intercepting, analyzing, and transcribing sensitive information. Our experts are working according to the Code of Ethics, so our clients can be sure that their information is delivered carefully and clearly.

Healthcare Language Services


Our certified professional interpreters and translators help improve the quality of the health care services, the growth of the healthcare business, and the increase of revenues for health care providers. 47 million people in the United States speak a language other than English at home. Nevertheless, they need equal support and medical assistance as English speaking part of the population.

Legal Support


Homeland Language Services helps law firms, and their clients speak the same language. Our interpreters and translators are certified to work with legal documents, courthouses, insurance companies, conferences, and government agencies. The professional level of linguistic experts in Homeland Language Services ensures that your project meets your quality requirement and deadline. We understand the importance of legal documentation and its processes, that’s why our linguists have deep knowledge of legal terminology and understanding of the industry.

Social Services Accessory


Homeland Language Services is one of the best accredited translation agencies in the USA. We provide high-quality translation, transcription, and proofreading services. We service many agencies including but not limited to education, healthcare, job hiring, training, food subsidies, and community management. Moreover, Homeland Language Services train and hire the best interpreters to create effective communication between English-speaking social workers and people taking foreign languages.