Sign Language Services

Sign Language Services

Our team of professional interpreters is bilingual in more than 100 languages, including Sign Language. Interpreters in Homeland Language Services provide American Sign Language translation and interpretation services in any industry. 

Sign languages are as natural as commonly spoken languages. They have the same linguistic properties with visual ways of communication. Sign languages are evolved in different Deaf Communities and vary between countries and regions. But our interpreters have sufficient expertise to offer sign language services throughout Florida and abroad.

The main role of a sign language interpreter is to create effective communication between deaf people and individuals who can hear. Nevertheless, the task for the interpreter is more complex and demands a high qualification of specialists. The interpretation requires fluency in two or more languages, the ability to focus on what is being shown and said, professional and ethical conduct. Interpreters from Homeland Language Services serve all the parties during the communication. Due to their work deaf and hard hearing people can feel like meaningful members of society. 

Our sign language interpreters in Houston work accordingly to a Code of Ethics. It ensures confidentially, impartially, linguistic, professional competence together with continuous growth and development. Moreover, our language specialists have deep knowledge of deafness, its’ community, and culture. 

Homeland Language Services provides professional interpreters for different industries and various types of meetings:

  • Business meetings, training, interviews
  • Education classes, academic events, tutoring meetings
  • On-site Medical appointments in hospitals, clinics, healthcare organizations
  • Appointments and interviews in Local, State & Federal agencies
  • Social services
  • Legal procedures for judicial purposes, courtrooms, EEOC hearings
  • Conferences/seminars
  • Private and public events
  • Theatre arts productions and performances
  • Military happenings
  • Tourism meetings
  • Non-profits celebrations and communications

You can order sign language services in Miami, California, Washington, New York, or any other location in the United States, Europe, or Australia. Homeland Language Services works worldwide 24/7 for your request. Send us a Free Quote, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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