Interpretation & Translation for Social Services


Everyday social workers need to listen and communicate effectively with people. Sometimes we don’t think about what a big amount of social services are in our lives. They are public services which are provided by government, private, profit and non-profit organizations. Social services are aimed to make life easier and more comfortable. But sometimes when a person doesn’t speak English providing such services becomes a challenge. That’s why Homeland Language Services train and hire the best interpreters to create effective communication between English-speaking social workers and people taking foreign languages. 

Homeland Language Services is one of the best accredited translation agencies in the USA. We provide high quality translation, transcription and proofreading services for education, healthcare, job hiring and training, food subsidies, aid and support programs and community management. 

Moreover we assist a lot of social workers with interpretation. Nowadays over-the-phone interpreters in the USA are the biggest helpers for them. Due to using OPI service, citizens and residents can easily get social service assistance or approvals for benefits and aids by phone. Also, the video remote interpretation is affordable for different inquiries for schools and disability services. We consider that we can work with specific groups of society. Such special support can be granted with sign language services and onsite interpretation. 

We are glad to serve together with social workers to ensure that users and carers receive needed assistance full and complete. It is important because effective and transparent communication is a basis for our existence, social justice, and human rights.

Our interpreters and translators are certified and have deep knowledge to work in more than 100 languages for such social sectors as:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Housing services
  • Disability services and aged care
  • Labour services
  • Police and legal aid
  • Youth services and crisis support

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