About us

Over the last 15 years, Homeland Language Services has grown into a great team of world-class interpreters and translators. With successful experience and continuous training, they are providing our clients with the best language services in today’s fast-paced global business. 

Homeland Language Services offers translation, transcription, subtitling, onsite interpreting, over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), and video remote interpreting (VRI) in more than 100 languages in different industries.

Our executive team

“We are a family-owned business and we treat our employees as a family. That’s why in our organization we have very strong values like honesty, professionalism, high expertise, acceptance, integrity, development, and support. Each employee in our team feels and follows the main mission we have: to provide high-quality language support to any person who needs it. We believe we are making this world better, connecting different nationalities, countries, and cultures,” – says Luis Lanazca, President & Co-Founder of Homeland Language Services.

Services we provide

We work with all types of services in translation and interpretation. We have the sufficient experience, team, and technology to convert any language barrier into a new powerful possibility for your organization or business.

Our interpreters are certified, trained, and are frequently monitored for quality assurance. They are constantly given feedback by our Professional Quality Control Team Group, which guarantees that our services are of top quality.

We provide translating and interpreting services for different industries. We have long-term successful relations with healthcare, legal, social, government, and business fields.

We value your opinion

We hope that you will find all the needed information about our services on our website. But if you have any questions or you want to order a specific language service, please send us an email at info@homelandls.com or call us at (855) 457-0101. We are here to serve you 24/7.