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911 Calls: Interpreting Services in the Moments of Emergency

Over-the-Phone interpreters often become participants in intense, stressful situations. In many cases, they don’t know how these situations were resolved, but their job is very crucial in an emergency situation. The main characteristics of interpreting services during 911 calls are neutrality, confidentiality, accuracy, and rapidity.

Homeland Language Services interpreters face 911 calls every day. They are professional linguists and possess strong skills such as:

  • Bilingual level of English and target language
  • High memory retention
  • Developed emotional intelligence
  • Stress tolerance
  • Quick reaction
  • Cross-cultural communication

Our interpreters have medical certifications, moreover, they continuously participate in internal training to raise and support their professionalism. In a 911 call, they are capable of dealing with any type of situation and provide assistance for:

  • Medical emergencies;
  • Police and victims of crime (cases of fraud, theft, murder, violence, domestic violence);
  • People suffering mental health issues/illnesses;
  • Accidents.

To understand part of the interpreter’s role in a 911 call, we asked them to share some experiences from their daily work.

Here is a story of a 911 call from a Spanish-English Over-the-Phone interpreter at Homeland Language Services.

A little girl called 911. The operator added me as an interpreter to a call and I started listening carefully. To my surprise, this girl was whispering. She said that somebody walked into her house, while she was absolutely alone. I worked as an operator – fast and accurate. We asked her address, who was at home, what that guy looked like, and if he had a weapon with him. The girl continued whispering. She was really frightened and began to cry. The 911 operator, with the help of my voice in her native language, tried to calm her down. She was almost quiet when she heard that the guy walked up to the second floor. She was in the bathroom on that floor. She began to panic, but the operator asked her to keep the phone on, not to speak aloud, and wait for help. The operator said that the police were on their way to her house. The last thing that we heard from that small girl was that the door of the bathroom was opening… and the call ended.

Interpreters in Homeland Language Services are always ready to provide high-quality language assistance during emergency situations in 100+ languages.

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Happy New Year from Homeland Language Services Team!

Our friendly team congratulates all of you with Christmas and upcoming New Year!

Homeland Language Services is grateful to our clients and partners for this great 2021 year! We are burning with enthusiasm in interpreting and translating and looking forward to successful 2022!

In this video you will get congratulations from our teammates from all over the world! Join it as we did!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Homeland Language Services team!

✨Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the happiness your holiday can hold! ✨

May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming 2022 year! 🎄

We appreciate the hard work of our team, trust of our clients and partnership of our providers!

Happy holidays from Homeland Language Services! 🎉


congratulate with coming holidays!

Team in Peru Congratulates With Coming Holidays!

Our team in Peru congratulates with coming holidays!

Homeland Language Services team in Peru also celebrated the end of this awesome year. That was a sweet party, where we greeted each other with all the achievements of this year and wished lots of success and happiness in 2022!

Our friendly and professional Homeland Language Services team greets you with Christmas holidays and wishes the best next year!



Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings from Our Team in Argentina!

Holidays are coming! Homeland Language Services celebrated the end of amazing 2021. We greeted each other with upcoming Christmas and New Year, acknowledged achievements of our colleagues and had a great time together!

We are happy to have such friendly and professional second family as Homeland Language Services!




Quick Translation Services

Translation Company in San Francisco for Business Purposes

“Can’t read, won’t buy” is a widespread thought among marketers and sales managers. These words tell us about the situation when the client didn’t get appropriate information about goods or services and as a result, didn’t buy them. That’s why it is very vital for businesses to talk with their potential clients in one language. 

When a company reaches the level of international growth, its workers start looking for “Certified Translation Services Near Me” in order to spread information about the company’s activity worldwide. Firstly, it is needed for website localization. Secondly, for social media, because not all resources have a translation function (and it doesn’t work properly). Thirdly, there are lots of events for different industries where goods and services can be presented in the international language, which is still English. You can easily find lots of translation companies in San Francisco, but you need to be careful with this choice. You need to find “Certified Translation Services Near Me” and check their certification, browse reviews and get a consultation before giving them a project. The language you speak with your customers is your reputation and success.

Lots of manufactures, online businesses, and service providers in San Francisco need a reliable partner for high-quality communication with potential clients from different countries. Why? Because now it is very valuable to work with export, to work upon the boundaries of San Francisco. It is a time of high competition from foreign businesses and each new business strategy should have a plan on how to expand outside one city and one country. Exporting process is always challenging, that is why you should find the best translation company in San Francisco

So, nowadays the main communication tool is the internet. As we mentioned before, English is still the international business language. Over the internet, there are 25% of English-speaking users. We believe that this part is even bigger as there are lots of people who are bilingual or speak several languages. You can assume that 25% is not a big amount of people. But one second… It is more than 2 billion users! And we talked about the English language at this time. Just imagine, that you have partnered with professional translators from a company, like Homeland Language Services. So, you can cover the other 75% of internet users! In general, you get access to a potential audience with 7 billion users. By using the services of translators of different languages you can increase your business volume up to space level. 

For example, Homeland Language Services can help businesses with more than 100 languages. Upon marketing issues, our professional certified translators can help with legal documents, government, and tax reposts, insurance, and social documentation, etc. We don’t know how other companies do, but you can get a free consultation before working with us. While doing so, you will talk with our specialist about your request, its fulfillment, cost, and deadlines.

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interpretation services in Washington

Interpretation Services in Washington Became More Popular

The job market is changing every year. But now due to technological development and new pandemic rules, changes are constant. We found the information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that in 2019 there were 77,400 interpreters employed in the USA, working in the education, medicine, law, and business field. It is the data that was collected two years ago. Can you just imagine how this number has grown during this time? How many offers does a person receive when googling “Interpreter near me”?

The majority of interpretation services in Washington and anywhere else are remote. Language specialists work remotely with flexible or fixed schedules. Today there are lots of different language companies or agencies. Moreover, professionals sometimes choose to work as individuals or freelancers. Data shows that the highest number of interpreters, though, are officially employed workers. We can’t count the independent freelancers with contracts who provide interpretation services in Washington from all over the world. 

It is said, that the number of interpreters and translators all over the world will definitely grow by 2029. Here we are talking about an increase of 20%! It’s one of the highest rates on the American labor market. Global migration tendencies result in a higher number of non-English speakers living in English-speaking countries such as the United States of America. That’s why the job of the interpreter will be of immediate interest for a long time in the future. 

Nowadays, interpretation services are provided with the help of several devices. For example, for the healthcare industry, the most popular is Over-the-Phone interpretation. Most of Washington’s Hospitals that use interpretation services are satisfied with communication with interpreters on the phone line. It is very comfortable to set up the appointments, conduct first-time visits, make the laboratory work or the procedure. 

Among others, interpretation services include Video remote interpreting services. This year it was noticed that Video remotes services were often used in schools and universities. Education became online for some period of the academic year and it was vital to keep the close contact between students and teachers alive. Additionally, teachers are calling parents of students also with the help of video remote interpretation services. 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, onsite interpretation services in Washington are also in need. Sometimes the request to find an “Interpreter near me” means to get the interpreting services physically in one place. For instance, it can be the court session for the less-English proficient person. He definitely needs the help of an interpreter in the building of the court, not by the telephone line or video call. Onsite interpreters can provide their clients with two types of services: simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Both occur in real-time, but during simultaneous one, both parties speak naturally without pauses, and consecutive interpretation gives the interpreter a word between speeches of two parties. 

Today we talked about interpretation services in Washington, and you see that this language niche is quite modern and can be helpful in any life situation with the help of a device or the physical presence of a professional interpreter.

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Thank You Card

How Does a “Thank You” Impact Your Daily Life?

Last week we celebrated the Day of Thanksgiving. Traditionally we said words of thankfulness and attitude to our family, friends, colleagues, and all other people in our life. 

At Homeland Language Services we asked our team, how do words “thank you” impact their everyday life, and got several good stories, but we chose the best one to share with you. 

Charity Wairimu is our Swahili-English Over-the-Phone interpreter from Nairobi, Kenia. Charity, thank you for these words from all of us!

“I am not a good storyteller but when it comes to talking about gratitude I can not be contained. 

My life is an epitome of gratitude, born and bred in the deep slums of Kiandutu, Kenya where all the evil ranging from prostitution, robbery, drug abuse, untimely deaths compounded by deep poverty reigned, seeing another dawn called for a “thank you”. Surviving on single meals and contaminated water yet retaining good health is no mundane. Although they say prevention is better than cure, we embraced the contrary, cure is better than prevention, for if we adopted the former how could we survive! Ironic right? 

But this was my life, I am grateful that though like water and oil we were worlds apart with doctors due to financial constraints the same was true with regard to health for we were in good shape despite the odds. I am grateful that although I had many hiccups in life, I stood out to complete my education up to the university level. I am more grateful that in a country grappling with a looming unemployment crisis I have managed to secure an opportunity with an international company thanks to Homeland Language Services Company that believes in the potential of an individual as a metric of admission. 

Today, I can set food on the table for my children and give them I life I never had in my childhood thanks to a company that believes in my capacity to bridge a gap between people. How can I fail to be grateful for all these!

Thanksgiving is a great way to remember the successes for the year, but living a life with gratitude every day has significant benefits. One of the impacts of “thank you” is that it has helped me develop positive emotions amid difficult times. Gratitude has enabled me to focus on my accomplishments and appreciate the journey of achieving them rather than complaints. Similarly, having gratitude relishes good experiences when remembering moments of appreciation and accomplishments and values such memories. 

Being grateful also improves a person’s health; both mental and psychical. Grateful individuals are likely to experience fewer aches and pains as they exercise often and eat healthily. Besides, gratitude reduces toxicity improving mental and psychological health. Thus, individuals who are grateful are happier and less likely to suffer from depression. Notably, being grateful promotes good relationships as people learn to appreciate each other.

Gratitude cannot be defined in words but, the emotions that lay deep in our hearts and memories that are contained in our consciousness. I will allude to a famous quote that maintains:

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life as it turns what we have into enough and more.” 

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you it will be enough, for gratitude turns chaos to order, denial into acceptance, confusion to clarity, a meal into a feast, and more importantly a house into a home. I believe every person has that one thing to be grateful for, I believe the very simple act of breathing that we often ignore is more a solid reason to be grateful. That, what you take for granted is what another is desperately yearning for. Come on! it’s high time you learn to say thank you! It doesn’t cost, right?”


certified professional translation in Houston

Trendy Services from Translation Companies in Houston

Nowadays communications are being spread all over the world. One part of your family can live in another country, your business partner can be from Spain, you want to get a master’s degree in Asia or travel to Australia. The boundaries are open, so we are not limited in our possibilities if we know different languages. But sometimes it is not that easy. You can speak Spanish a little bit, but you can miss the documentation in Spanish that you need to sign in. That’s why translation companies in Houston exist.

If you have never considered getting services from a Translation Company before, you are missing the great number of tools it can offer you. Probably, that’s why you are here. Homeland Language Services is one of the best translation and interpreting American companies. Our language specialists can easily help you with documents, papers, or any type of communication in another language. What are the most trendy translation services now? Check the list below:

1. Specified document translation services.

Here professional translation companies in Houston can offer you to translate any document you need: from personal birth certificate to legal contract. For example, in Homeland Language Services all translators are bilingual and well-trained, so they have enough knowledge to work with any type of documentation. We have huge experience in working with healthcare and medical institutions. You will be able to find the needed support in order to study for your medical test or to translate the personal documents required to travel abroad. Moreover, among our services, there is a big range of legal options. We work with different contracts, forms, notes, which are important for everybody: from the government to citizens.

2. Business translation services.

The range of services for business is never ending! Here we can list marketing documentation, internal and external agreements, HR documents, researches, guidelines, and more. Generally, in the company, there are translators, who have unique specialization and work in the corresponding topic. This way they provide high-quality translation in a specific industry, like, for example, real estate, construction, healthcare, banking, advertising, retail, etc.

3. Translation of academic documentation.

This is a specific niche for translators. Here we work with translations of diplomas, academic resumes, transcripts, extracts, and full academical works, articles, and protocols. Our clients go from students to big Universities and Schools. Both parties can get a fast and accurate translation of the papers they need.

Additionally, you can ask translation companies in Houston about the legal notarization of the translated documents. It is the first to have certified translators and lawyers in the team, so it should not be a problem.

As you can see, any documentation that is important for you is important for us and it can be translated into the language you need. Homeland Language Services works with more than 100 languages. Our translators can accurately translate the text from a foreign language to English and vice versa. Moreover, we can provide you with a hard copy of translated documents, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, or diploma. Nevertheless, you can send your request and we will come back to you with the determinate cost for services and deadlines.

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14 Questions to the Veteran Ernesto Lanazca, CEO, Co-founder of Homeland Language Services

November 11 marks an important day for America. Veteran’s Day is a day when we honor and thank all military personnel who have served, or currently serve in the United States Armed Forces. 


Sometimes we don’t notice that veterans are among us or we don’t know the story of the person with whom we work or have a friendship. But it is so vital to know the stories of people that surround you. Today we want to share with you a story from the veteran, who leads our company. Ernesto Lanazca, CEO, Co-founder of Homeland Language Services gave an interview about his military period of life. 

  • Ernesto, thank you for sharing your story today with us. The first question is about where did you enlist?
  • I’m happy to share my story because it is an honor for me to have such a period in my life. I enlisted in the US Army in August 2000. 
  • Where did you live at that time?
  • I lived in Ventura, California.
  • Why did you join the US Army?
  • I was always fascinated with Supply Chain Management. Many years ago I studied Logistics Management in Lima, Peru where I learned how the US military during World War I & World War II increased logistics’ industrial capabilities, making dramatic advances in transportation, communication, storage, and warehousing. After World War II, Logistics moved from warfare into business. That was the moment when I decided to join the military to study Logistics at the US Army Quartermaster School in Fort Lee Virginia. 
  • Do you remember your first days in service?
  • My first day in the US Army was the first day of basic training. As I lay in my bunk on that first night, thoughts were rushing through my head and my mind was scrambling trying to remember everything my Drill Sergeants taught me. My muscles and mind were fatigued. On that first night, I felt helpless but excited about what would happen the following day.
  • What did you feel during the serving period?
  • It’s a drastic sudden change from normal civilian life into a military lifestyle full of regulations, norms, expectations. However, I could get used to it, thanks to my determination on my ultimate goals, and as a result, I enjoyed it. 

Ernesto Pics

  • Which war did you serve in?
  • That was the Iraq War from 2003 till 2011. 
  • How did you stay in touch with your family?
  • In the 2000s we already had more contact methods than in World War II. I communicated with my family via phone calls, letters, and mail packages.
  • What was the food like?
  • At the US Army base, the food was pretty good, but during the war, all I ate was Meal Ready to Eat (MREs).
  • Wow, MREs for eight years, that’s pretty difficult. Did you have plenty of supplies?
  • The supplies were limited but enough.
  • You told us about off-duty life, but what was with your mood? Was there something special you did for “good luck”?
  • I always kept a picture of the Virgin Mary inside my war helmet. Not only for good luck but just to save my life.


  • Did you keep a personal diary?
  • Yes, I did. It is saved in our family till nowadays.
  • Thank you for an excursion to the past. Let’s talk a little about the present day. Did you get close friends while serving?
  • Yes, I did. But, unfortunately, some of them didn’t make it back to the USA.


  • Did you join a veterans organization?
  • Yes, I joined the American Legion and 101st Airborne Division, Aviation Brigade.
  • What do you think now about your service experience?
  • Even though there were moments that were tough, stressful, and tragic, there were times that I enjoyed, making unconditional friends – Battle Buddies.

I do not regret my experience in the US Army. 

The military educated me in my favorite profession, Logistics Operations, it gave me discipline, purpose, determination, team leadership skills, love for this country, and the American Flag. Most importantly it taught me the meaning of life and Value of Service, Loyalty, and Honor. 

I am proud to be a veteran and also, I’m proud to have served with such great American soldiers by my side.