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Why You Need Video Remote Interpreting Services During a Pandemic

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) works by connecting people, who need assistance communicating in different languages from an interpreter at a call center equipped with a headset and a video camera. Essentially, VRI is the socially distancing-friendly, affordable way to access quality interpretation services when you need them most. In addition, VRI has virtually limitless advantages when it comes to real-time interpreting. At the same time, it can be used in many industries including medicine, healthcare, insurance, business, and government. Here are the top reasons why you need VRI especially during the pandemic, which we are going through now.

VRI Accommodates the Need for Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a common household term during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made us all think twice about arranging in-person meetings and how we can safely distance at every opportunity. In this light, VRI gives you real-time access to your partner and an interpreter without having to meet them in person. The overriding strength of working with VRI providers is that benefits of working with an interpreter onsite such as body language and facial expression are retained. That’s why VRI is ideal for American Sign Language services for the Hard of Hearing and the Deaf people.

VRI is Affordable

With VRI, interpreters do not have to travel to render services. Thus, travel time charges associated with onsite interpretation are not applicable to VRI. Furthermore, most VRI providers offer the service on-demand and charge per minute. This means that when you work with a video remote interpreting services company, you only get charged for services offered. Also, enterprises that regularly utilize large amounts of minutes can get lower rates by negotiating contracts. This is a great benefit given the financial implications of the pandemic. In this case, both the provider and the client win since the provider can use the money saved to scale up staffing in order to accommodate regular demand for their services.

VRI is Available on Demand

There are situations when interpretation services are needed at a moment’s notice. With video remote interpreting services, language providers can be available within minutes. This feature is especially essential in emergency scenarios such as at first responder situations or hospitals where accurate communication is needed quickly. For convenience purposes, there are free apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone making on-demand requests even easier. The pandemics always require a fast response, so you definitely should use VRI services.

VRI is Telehealth and Telemedicine Friendly

Again, the on-demand nature of VRI makes it ideal for emergency scenarios. Moreover, it enables patients to be able to receive healthcare from the comfort of their homes via real-time video. With today’s required social distancing measures, VRI makes good sense, because it means fewer people coming into healthcare settings, hospitals, and clinics hence putting less people at risk.

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How Organizations Benefit from Video Remote Interpreting Companies

Onsite interpreters ceased to be the only way out of the situation when interpretation is needed urgently. The business world is increasingly becoming more dynamic, meaning that the pace of communication is expediting in multiple industries. Critically, the standard of communication should remain towering. In contrast with customary interpreting services, remote interpreters join the pertinent conversations, events, or negotiations via a video or audio connection to render interpretation services. 

Video remote interpreting is a telecommunication service that uses videophones or web cameras to provide sign language or common interpreting services. A large number of industries benefit from video remote interpreting in San Francisco as well. They include healthcare, business, government, social services, police, fire, 911, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality, judicial, education, and transportation. 

Homeland Language Services as a video remote interpreting company is befitting for events of all sizes, including discussions and meetings with business partners or customers, conferences, international negotiations, interviews, webinars, and web conferences. In addition to these countless events, video remote interpreting services are used for communicating with the hard of hearing people, especially in contexts when the interpreter and hard of hearing cannot be in the same room.

It would be best if you chose video remote interpreting in San Francisco to stretch your global reach and engage delegates from all corners of the world. Besides, our video remote interpreters have decades of experience in different fields. Our technical team ensures all your transmissions are thriving despite the distance between the parties involved. 

One of the outstanding benefits of Homeland Language Services video remote interpreting company over other interpretation options is cost-effectiveness. Firstly, you can book a video remote interpreter for short assignments. On the contrary, conventional onsite interpreting requires time for traveling and mileage charges. In this case, video remote interpreting optimizes an organization’s budget while having the benefit of visual support. Furthermore, video remote interpreting (VRI) services offer total flexibility since location is no constraint. 

Your organization also benefits from the fast response to urgent situations. VRI provides a fast response for spoken foreign languages and deaf and Hard of Hearing clients. Therefore, when your need for communication is time-sensitive, VRI can be provided in seconds. Simultaneously, VRI offers an on-demand interpreting solution in situations that are not planned in advance. Finally, the visual support associated with video remote interpreting provides enhanced American Sign Language and spoken language accuracy. You might have never used a remote interpreter, but the advantages are apparent, and you would not want to miss experiencing the benefits. 

Homeland Language Services video remote interpreters are superior-trained, tested, and industry certified. As a result, our clients receive the highest quality language interpretation. More essentially, we provide 100% compliant services, furnishing purposeful language access and compliance to meet government pronouncements and quality requirements. Part of our commitment to our clients is to look for ways to lower and optimize their interpretation costs, so we never charge extra expenses for video remote interpreting services. We help organizations globally to increase overall satisfaction and experience while reducing interpretation costs. 

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Is Video Remote Interpreting Company the Right Solution?

The language service companies have not escaped the worldwide transformation necessary to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. One significant change is the on-demand need for video remote interpreting services (VRI) and the way it is offered today.

Many businesses have started purchasing online linguistic services, including medical interpretations and translations. Each video remote interpreting company has had to improve its equipment and information delivery tools to enable more accessible communication during this pandemic. 

Virtual Meetings for business

VRI services have to come into play for organizations in order to carry on with their regular meetings and avoid the many risks of infection from physical contacts. Business meetings have shifted online, and this was a challenge for linguistic experts to work online too. 

Different industries gather employees and clients with various cultures and languages. A VR interpreter can help to communicate and deliver information to the people’s native language if it is not English. For this, an interpreter should be conversant with the meeting’s topic and terms involved. 

It is a good idea for organizations to have an on-demand video remote interpreting company ready to offer their services anytime they are needed and in emergencies. Online meetings with VRI services enable all the involved parties to communicate clearly and confidently regardless of the language.

HealthCare became more accessible

In many cases, patients prefer receiving medical attention as well as care in their native language. Additionally, many are bound not to follow the specified dosage accordingly, sometimes leaving the health facility when not asked to, or taking the wrong prescription. A medical VRI can end up with all these misunderstandings.

Before the pandemic, medical VRI was available but the virus has made its use plumate. VRI services became more necessary and valuable to medical practitioners. Many hospitals are relying on VRI services for telemedicine. Telemedicine is a way how the best medical care can be offered to various patients without an onsite medic. Also, a VRI language expert can follow every conversation element, including body language and gestures.

Online Events for any industry

Many event planners and organizers preferred using VRI services to offer services to their clients and save on costs. Offline events have much more expenses than online ones, such as ground or space hiring, security costs, transport costs, accommodation, etc. And we don’t mention the special conditions during the pandemic. That’s why event planners can cut down on costs using VRI. Now if an attendee needs to access the event, one can join using a provided app, platform links, or any other invitation method.

Everybody can easily access a remote interpreter to assist during the event or conference. However, many events have their in-house interpreters to facilitate a smooth online presence and information delivery. 

Multinational companies can organize a single event that accommodates all members from different regions instead of holding several events targeting the various cultures and languages. Working with a video remote interpreting firm with certified professionals in specific languages targeting the areas will likely break down the many communication barriers.

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