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Should You Utilize Phone, On-Site, or Video Remote Interpreting Services?

Technological innovation along with rapid industry growth means that organizations now have several options for accessing language services. Firms can use over-the-phone interpreting, video remote interpreting, on-site interpreting, translation, or even a combination of these services. Knowing the right option for your organization can be cumbersome. Here are some essential factors to consider:

The Community You Serve and their Interpreting Demands

Over decades, professional on-demand over-the-phone interpreting has been the preferred option because it allows customers to connect with interpreters in a couple of seconds. Phone interpreters can make an outbound call to the client or directly connect with him through a devoted toll-free number. Over-the-phone interpreting helps minimize costs while guaranteeing regulatory compliance. Also, it increases productivity and reduces staff frustration. It is ideal for emergency calls, community outreach functions, and customer care hotlines. On the other side, over-the-phone interpretation requires hearing. Consequently, if a larger population of your clients are deaf or hard of hearing people, video remote interpreting services or on-site interpreting services would be a great fit for your organization.

Your Personnel’s Extent of Interaction with Clients

Some situations are exceptionally confidential or sensitive. So they need more hands-on communication. For instance, a social organization explaining insurance benefits to a customer or helping him find affordable housing, so it would be more practical to let an interpreter meet with the client by appointment. Besides, working with children who are still developing their language skills or persons with disabilities would necessitate in-person meeting scenarios, visual cues are vital for effective communication. As such, on-site interpreting or video remote interpreting would be ideal.

Your Company’s Bandwidth and Financial Blueprint

While on-site interpreting is the ultimate option in some settings, it is impractical or cost-ineffective to provide an on-site interpreter 24 hours a day. Luckily, video remote interpreting services offer the same quality at a lower cost. With Homeland Language Services’ video remote interpreting services, patients and clients can connect with a professional interpreter in more than 100 languages, including American Sign Language. Despite the physical distance, video remote interpreting allows all parties to read visual cues and facial expressions.

In sum, choosing the right language interpreting solution may be cumbersome, but these factors can help you make an informed decision. Evidently, the language interpretation option you select ultimately impacts the risk of potential complaints, revenue, efficiency, and the quality of the interactions you have with the communities you serve.

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Scenarios Where VRI Services in Los Angeles would be Ideal to Use

Video Remote Interpretation services have evolved from the high-set-up costs and technical requirements of the past decades. VRI services are often available 24/7/365 and are accessible on different devices that now everybody has. For this reason, video remote interpretation is more competitively priced than it has been before, making it ideal for firms of all sizes and budgets. If you’ve already used an on-site or over-the-phone interpreter and want to explore the options that VRI offers, this article will explain scenarios where VRI would be ideal to use. Here are the ideal scenarios to use VRI services in Los Angeles:

Social distancing: Pandemics, such as COVID-19, may require social distancing measures to curb the spread of the pandemic. In such cases, video remote interpretation services become an ideal medium to utilize the services of an interpreter without having to meet him in person. When Multiple Parties Need the Aid of an Interpreter: VRI can often accommodate multiple parties, particularly when they want to join a VRI call.

When Sign Language is Required: VRI services allow the American Sign Language interpretation. This feature is ideal for contact centers offering assistance to customers who may be deaf or hard of hearing.

Urgent Situations: VRI is ideal in situations where interpretation services are needed at a moment’s notice. This attribute is beneficial in emergency scenarios, such as at hospitals or first responder situations where accurate communication is needed urgently.

Need to Interpret a Unique Language: Video remote interpretation offers the flexibility to accommodate languages and dialects that might not be readily available or offered locally. Therefore, VRI is an ideal option when a unique language is required to conduct a meeting or negotiations.

Lack of On-site Interpreters: VRI is an ideal option where there are no interpreters on-site.

Here are settings and industries where VRI services in Los Angeles are often used:

Medical and Healthcare: VRI is helpful during consultations, diagnosis, and Telemedicine sessions. Besides, the service is convenient for specialists in the field conditions, including first responders, such as paramedics.

Legal and Courts: Legal and court settings are ideal for using services of video remote interpreters, especially when court operations and judicial proceedings are conducted remotely.

Education: VRI technology is ideal for parent-teacher conferences and at-home learning especially when educators need to communicate with English learners and parents/guardians with limited English Proficiency.

Travel and Hospitality: The industry requires ongoing communication with customers in multiple languages. VRI is essential in improving the guest experience and increasing bookings while minimizing cancellations and complaints.

Contact Centers: Call centers can use VRI to upgrade customer service experiences. VRI is perfect for serving deaf or hard-of-hearing customers by utilizing an American Sign Language Interpreter.

Business: VRI interpreters help bridge the language gap during negotiations, meetings, or during events, such as a shareholder meeting or a webinar.

At Homeland Language Services, our video remote interpreters are superior-trained, tested, and industry certified. As a result, our clients receive the highest quality language interpretation. More critical, we provide 100% compliant services, furnishing purposeful language access and compliance to meet government pronouncements and quality requirements.

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Why You Need Video Remote Interpreting Services During a Pandemic

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) works by connecting people, who need assistance communicating in different languages from an interpreter at a call center equipped with a headset and a video camera. Essentially, VRI is the socially distancing-friendly, affordable way to access quality interpretation services when you need them most. In addition, VRI has virtually limitless advantages when it comes to real-time interpreting. At the same time, it can be used in many industries including medicine, healthcare, insurance, business, and government. Here are the top reasons why you need VRI especially during the pandemic, which we are going through now.

VRI Accommodates the Need for Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a common household term during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made us all think twice about arranging in-person meetings and how we can safely distance at every opportunity. In this light, VRI gives you real-time access to your partner and an interpreter without having to meet them in person. The overriding strength of working with VRI providers is that benefits of working with an interpreter onsite such as body language and facial expression are retained. That’s why VRI is ideal for American Sign Language services for the Hard of Hearing and the Deaf people.

VRI is Affordable

With VRI, interpreters do not have to travel to render services. Thus, travel time charges associated with onsite interpretation are not applicable to VRI. Furthermore, most VRI providers offer the service on-demand and charge per minute. This means that when you work with a video remote interpreting services company, you only get charged for services offered. Also, enterprises that regularly utilize large amounts of minutes can get lower rates by negotiating contracts. This is a great benefit given the financial implications of the pandemic. In this case, both the provider and the client win since the provider can use the money saved to scale up staffing in order to accommodate regular demand for their services.

VRI is Available on Demand

There are situations when interpretation services are needed at a moment’s notice. With video remote interpreting services, language providers can be available within minutes. This feature is especially essential in emergency scenarios such as at first responder situations or hospitals where accurate communication is needed quickly. For convenience purposes, there are free apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone making on-demand requests even easier. The pandemics always require a fast response, so you definitely should use VRI services.

VRI is Telehealth and Telemedicine Friendly

Again, the on-demand nature of VRI makes it ideal for emergency scenarios. Moreover, it enables patients to be able to receive healthcare from the comfort of their homes via real-time video. With today’s required social distancing measures, VRI makes good sense, because it means fewer people coming into healthcare settings, hospitals, and clinics hence putting less people at risk.

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