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Understanding ASL Interpretation: A Guide to Effective Communication

As a language services provider, Homeland Language Services offers a range of interpreting services to help bridge communication gaps between people who speak different languages. One such service is American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, which is a crucial component in enabling effective communication between the Deaf community and hearing individuals.

ASL interpretation is a complex process that requires a unique skill set and understanding of Deaf culture. An ASL interpreter needs to be fluent in both ASL and English, understand the cultural nuances of Deaf communities, and have the ability to quickly and accurately interpret spoken language into ASL.

To gain a deeper understanding of ASL interpretation, we spoke to one of our ASL interpreters, Nicole Lewis, who shared her journey and insights about the profession.

  • What inspired you to become an American Sign Language interpreter, and how did you start?

I never thought I would become a sign language interpreter. At the age of 10, I became friends with a deaf girl (with whom I am still an excellent friend to this day) who lived in my neighborhood, and picked up the language to be able to communicate with her. During that time, her interpreter set up an after-school club for anyone who wanted to learn ASL. I then went on and took four years in high school as a language. I was encouraged to attend college to become an interpreter. I am humbled by the support I have had through the years of learning and meeting many people in the Deaf/DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing communities.

  • What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful American Sign Language interpreter, and how do you cultivate those qualities in yourself?

ASL is a language all on its own and is not a direct translation of English to signs, which means someone who interprets ASL needs to be familiar with and obtain the skill set(s) of both languages. An interpreter bridges the gap between deaf and hearing clients. They also need to have deep cultural knowledge and understanding of Deaf culture and their community. I try to cultivate those qualities as well by staying on top of the newest signs, researching topics when possible before interpreting them, and always trying to find the equivalent dynamic of the languages I interpret. I also try to stay abreast of the CPC (code of professional conduct).

  • How do you stay engaged and motivated in your work as an interpreter, and what advice do you have for others who may be interested in pursuing this career path?

Staying motivated isn’t that hard! I have grown up learning ASL and being active in the community and making lifelong friends. Being open to learning, going to workshops, and finding events to attend are a few ways to stay motivated. The Deaf/DeafBlind communities are welcoming to everyone, and the close connections you make along the way hold a special place in one’s heart. My advice to others interested in pursuing a career path in becoming a sign language interpreter is to get involved, make connections, find mentors, never stop learning, and enjoy the journey of learning this beautiful language.

At Homeland Language Services, we understand the importance of effective communication, and our team of skilled ASL interpreters is committed to bridging the gap between the Deaf community and hearing individuals. If you need ASL interpretation services, whether on-site or via video, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are here to help you communicate clearly and effectively, regardless of language barriers.

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Sign Language Services

High-quality Sign Language Service with Sign Language Interpreter in Houston

Sign language is the use of body movements, hand and facial expressions as a way of communication. Apart from the American Sign Language (ASL), there are more than 130 sign languages globally. Notably, the languages differ from region to region. For example, there is Australian Sign Language (Auslan), British Sign Language (BSL), etc.

A Hard of Hearing (HoH) or Deaf person has a right to get proper communication in every industry where he is involved: whether in healthcare, education, at work and any other part of his life. Having a sign language interpreter will make communication easier and more effective for every individual involved. 

Sign language interpreters should be qualified and certified in their fields. For example, sign language interpreters in the medical industry should not add or omit information when communicating with the patient or doctor. Accurate information guarantees better medical care and attention.

Here are some reasons why sign language is superb!

Essential for HoH and Deaf People

The HoH and Deaf people are the primary reason why sign language interpreters and sign language services in Houston exist. Sign language is an enormously essential communication technique for the many people suffering from ear diseases. The deaf and HoH clients can communicate effectively and pass-through information. Vital information at the workplace, such as meetings and events or any other activity, is understood when interpreted. 

A sign language interpreter’s work is to ensure there is no language barrier in communication. The interpreter helps everyone understand and participate freely in discussions and air their opinions. Moreover, having a sign language interpreter for deaf people shows an act of acceptance to society.

Sign language is more expressive

Looking for a language specialist can be hectic, but with a sign language interpreter in Houston, the client is sure of effective communication. Sign language is not only about the hands; the language consists of the interpreter’s movements, facial and body expressions to communicate.

Body movements and facial expressions indicate both general information and emotions. For example, the interpreter can raise the eyebrows or lower to alter the meaning of a sentence when asking a question. Those relying on linguistic services clients can expect from Sign Language Interpreters in Houston or Sign Language Services, to provide clients with clear communication channels.

Importance of sign language

A sign interpreter helps facilitate communication between parties speaking different languages. A sign language interpreter can deliver his services either online or onsite. Online interpretation is practical, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. It is vital to minimize or prevent unnecessary physical contact and opt for online sign language interpreters to keep safe. 

There are several online platforms for language service providers in Houston, but it is essential to receive the services from a qualified company. The language acts have no room for communication errors, and this applies to the sign language industry. A professional and certified interpreter will, without a doubt, remove communication barriers. Clients seeking the service are sure of getting good service and actively getting involved.

Lastly, an interpreter or people using sign language can communicate effectively in a noisy place. Everybody needs to see only the signs and expressions. Also, people can communicate from a distance, underwater, or even when the mouth is full. The information is still shared.

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