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Elite Content Marketing Pieces that Require Translation Services in Oxnard

Publishing your content into new languages enables you to scale up into entirely new markets. You can achieve his domestically by reaching the underserved non-English speaking audiences or internationally where other languages are spoken widely. Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain the target audience. The principal goal is to convert newcomers into loyal customers. The following points are elite content marketing pieces that lend themselves well to translation services in Oxnard:

Marketing and Sales Collateral

Marketing and sales collateral, such as brochures, business cards, sales sheets, infographics, eBooks, case studies, and advertisements are written and crafted with a great level of care by copywriting and design experts. The same degree of cultural sensitivity and expertise is required for successful translation into new languages. You will want to partner with a language service company with industry experience and localization expertise to help your content resonate with your target audience in different languages.


A corporate website is the main content asset for each business or company. Since the best traffic source for websites is search engines, they lend extremely well to translation. Translation of the website content into different target languages vastly expands your search items for new countries, multiplying your reach. The target audience is a fundamental aspect you need to discuss with the language service company so that your content will be highly tailored for each audience. For instance, target international audiences require a different approach from targeting a domestic language audience. Thus, you need localization and translation services simultaneously.

Press Releases

Translating a press release into a new language accords you an opportunity to reach an audience in the new country for your business. One of the merits of working with translation services in Oxnard is that they have certified translators available who are also industry experts in a wide range of fields.


Video content includes tutorials, interviews, reviews, testimonials, recorded events, advertisements, and documentaries. You can translate your video content with the help of subtitles and voiceover. Moreover, you can make several soundtracks in different languages, so your videos become understandable all over the world.

Social Media Content

There are billions of active social media users across the globe, so there are hundreds of millions of reasons to make translation of your social media content into new languages. Most major social media platforms provide an analytics dashboard rich with data about your followers. For instance, you can find what languages the biggest amount of them speak and the countries they are located in.

Teaming up with Homeland Language Service will be one of the most productive partnerships you can leverage for content. You will get access to a variety of languages you can’t reach with internal resources. More critically, your vendor will have translators on staff with requisite experience in your industry. Also, we have several formal processes in place so that your final translations will have the highest level of quality. At Homeland Language Services, we believe that content is the king of marketing. Whether it is marketing and sales collateral, a press release, video, social media content, or a website, we can help you reach new customers through proficient translation.

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