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Increase Language Accessibility by Translating These Academic Documents

Translating academic documents for English Language students can help children progress academically while learning English. Students that come from non-English speaking homes and backgrounds typically require specialized or modified instruction in both the English language and in their academic courses. Furthermore, there is no better way to keep parents and guardians informed than by having your academic documents translated by Translation Companies in Houston to help them understand their child’s academic progress and needs. From report cards to requests for parents’ permission for student participation in school activities, translation bridges the communication gap. Here are the more commonly requested documents that teachers and educators are translating to make education more language accessible:

  • Report Cards

The student report card is one of the most valuable communication tools of academia. In most places, the report card is issued by the school to the student or the student’s parents one to four times a year. Translation Companies in Houston offer professional translation of report cards to allow the teacher’s message to reach parents without the risk of miscommunication.

  • Student and Parent Handbooks

Student and parent handbooks contain important information for parents such as school site information, valuable phone numbers, parenting tips, testing dates, important meeting dates, policies, and graduation requirements. When you get your handbooks finalized or updated, you will want to have them professionally translated by Translation Companies in Houston so that they are accurate and culturally appropriate for your school’s community.

  • School Rules and Policies

It is likely your school rules and policies will need to be updated regularly. In order to make sure LEP students and family members understand newly updated rules and expectations, you will want to have these translated with each update. Most likely your school rules and policies are displayed in multiple locations, so professional translation will be crucial to making sure your message is consistent and effective in all of the languages you are targeting.

  • Information about Language Assistance Programs

Any time you are sharing information about language assistance programs, you will want this information available in the languages that your students and community speak, so that they know how to access these services. You will also need to make staff members aware of what to do when an individual with limited English proficiency needs assistance. Having this information available in various languages and in multiple formats provides LEP parents with the school-related information they need to make informed decisions about, and be helpful participants in their children’s education.

  • Safety Manuals

A safety manual is designed to provide information to school employees about safety regulations and policies. It provides good safety practices, as well as general guidelines. When getting safety manuals translated, make sure to work with Translation Companies in Houston that will assign you a project manager to ensure your final translation is of the highest quality and that your experience is smooth and worry free. Safety content is important so you will want it to be translated as accurately and precisely as possible.

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Translation Companies in Houston

Why You Need Video Remote Interpretation during A Pandemic

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) works by connecting people who need assistance communicating in various languages, with an interpreter, who is typically at a call center equipped with a headset and a video camera. Essentially, VRI is a social distancing friendly, affordable way to access quality interpretation services when you need them most. In addition, VRI has virtually limitless advantages when it comes to real-time interpreting. At the same time, it can be used in many industries and settings including: medicine, healthcare, insurance, and government. Here are top reasons why you need VRI during a pandemic.

VRI Accommodates the Need for Social Distancing
Social distancing has become a common household term during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made us all think about in-person meetings and how we can safely distance at every opportunity. In this light, VRI gives you real time access to an interpreter without having to meet them in person. The overriding strength of working with VRI providers at Translation Companies in Houston is that benefits of working with an interpreter in person such as body language and facial expression are retained. Besides, VRI is ideal for American Sign Language services for the Hard of Hearing and the Deaf.

VRI is Affordable
With VRI, interpreters do not have to travel to render services. Thus, travel time charges associated with in person interpretation are not applicable to VRI. Furthermore, most VRI providers offer the service on-demand and charge per minute. This means that when you work with Translation Companies in Houston you only get charged for services offered. Also, enterprises that regularly utilize large amounts of minutes can get lower rates by negotiating contracts. This is of great benefit given the financial implications of a pandemic. In this case, both the provider and the client win since the client gets a good deal while the provider can use the money saved to scale up staffing in order to accommodate regular demand for their services.

VRI is Available on Demand
There are situation when interpretation services are needed at a moment’s notice. With Translation Companies in Houston,VRI providers can be availed within minutes, making it an on-demand service. This feature is especially essential in emergency scenarios such as at first responder situations or hospitals where accurate communication is needed quickly. For convenience purposes, there are free apps that download to your phone making on-demand requests even easier. Because pandemics always require fast response, you definitely require VRI services.

VRI is Telehealth and Telemedicine Friendly
The on-demand nature of VRI makes it ideal for emergency scenarios. Moreover, it enables patients to be able to receive healthcare from the comfort of their home via real-time video. With today’s required social distancing measures,VRI makes a good sense, because it means fewer people coming into healthcare settings, hospitals and clinics hence putting less people at risk.