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Professional Interpreters Services Provider Working in Pandemic

The belligerent coronavirus continues to make headlines; millions of people getting affected stills seems helpless without the invention of the vaccine. The threat hasn’t been halt yet as the spread of the coronavirus dominating majority portion of the world. Alike other major service providers, interpreters are confronting their risks against their needs and availability to work. They are asked to choose among going without compensation or continue going to work, putting themselves at risks.

Considering the circumstances, it is essential for the professional interpreters’ services provider to ensure interpreters they are assigning for in-person assignments aren’t potentially exposed to someone who is affected with the virus, practices social distancing, and not susceptible to the virus. Although the stats show the virus has a mortality rate of about 2 – 3%, which is, even more, higher with other diseases such as diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Due to the risk of further spread of coronavirus in-person assignments are avoided. We at Homeland Language Services are helping our clients, with requirements of face-to-face interpretation, through our remote interpreting service. The assignments are completed over the phone and video interpretation, making the use of widely available technology.

Homeland Language Services understands the importance of taking precautionary measures against deadly diseases. Thus to keep our professional interpreters’ services in San Francisco alive and help our clients wherever needed, we are making the use of remote interpreters.

So, if you’re also looking for a reliable language translation service provider during this global pandemic lockdown period, Homeland Language Services will be obliged to help you in every possible way through our interpretation services in more than 100 languages. In case of any queries or concerns, we are here to help you.

The world needs to fight back this battle altogether. Stay Home, Stay Safe.



Over The Phone Interpretation Service during Global Pandemic: Covid-19

The ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus disease, universally named as COVID-19, has emerged globally with massive rates. It all started in late 2019 and grew up to become an international pandemic by March 2020.

After emerging from China, the virus had already stated impacting so many countries including the United States, Italy, India, and so many others. Researchers expect the number of unregistered COVID-19 diseases are more than the officially registered ones. Since too many people aren’t even aware that they are infected with coronavirus, and are unintentionally laying their impacts on others around them.

Because of the current data, the United States government has decided to close all campuses promoting the gathering to prevent the spread of coronaviruses. In many areas, due to the observed spread of diseases, crowded travel settings like airports are also stopped for the meantime. If things didn’t come in control sooner, the outbreak might go across most of the country by the end of May.

Controlling measures can be seen on the outstretch of America, at the places like California, New York and Illinois, people are on work from home, restaurants and schools have closed, travelers have cancelled trips and are doing whatnot. All just to safe the nation, humans, and humanity.

Language Interpretation For Business Or Personal Needs

In the meanwhile, President Trump has recently quoted that the economic shutdown executed to halt the spread of coronavirus will not be extended. Since the government is no way looking forward to bearing it for months. But for safety concerns, public gatherings are recommended to be avoided.

During this period, if you acquire the need for language interpretation service, Homeland Language Services is there to help you with interpretation in more than 100 languages.

Through our over the phone interpreting services, you can avail the services of an experienced linguist without stepping out of your homes. This is only a cost-effective method but also an outstanding & safer approach in the situation of a global pandemic. Stay home, stay safe and avail the benefits of over-the-phone interpreting service by Homeland Language Services.

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It is said that knowledge is not restricted to a land or a language. It can be attained in any language. But when you can’t understand that language, it could be troublesome to grasp any kind of knowledge. Homeland Language Services understand this very well and that’s why you can avail services like,

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Proofreading etc.

Professional Interpreters in San Francisco provide world class services. Here you can carry out any work like business meeting, important call, interview etc. with the help of trained and certified interpreters.

You can get simultaneous as well as consecutive interpretation services from qualified experts who can not only help onsite but also provide you over the phone services. These trained interpreters have command on their native language as well as they are skillful linguists.

At Homeland Language Services we take care of minute details that can draw a completely different meaning from a speech if inferred incorrectly. Our interpreters possess some amazing qualities.

  • They listen carefully to every word uttered by our clients.
  • They are very spontaneous and can interpret the exact meaning of any sentence.
  • They are always ready to serve our clients.
  • They are ready to travel to your place to provide on the spot interpretation service.

We make sure to maintain the confidentiality of our client’s data in every case such as law firms, legal proceedings, government agencies, courthouses etc. Therefore, break the barriers of language with our most dependable team. We have best professional interpreters in San Francisco who work dedicatedly and can be helpful in all the other parts of the country. Call us today to experience our comprehensive language interpretation services. We are 24*7 available at your service.

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