Marriage interpreting: the love story of the American man and the Chinese woman

Today is Valentine’s Day and it looks like a great opportunity to share the story of one marriage that our language team helped to happen. 

The majority of states in the USA don’t require you to be a resident of the state to obtain a marriage registration there. That’s why there are lots of love stories between people from different countries. 

Several months ago we got a request to translate the application and ID papers for marriage registration from a young Chinese woman. She was going to marry an American man so she needed the translation of her documents into English. Since Homeland Language Services’ translation team is specialized in legal translation services (among all types of document translation), they worked with her birth certificate, passport, and driving license. But this wasn’t the end of the story. 

The Chinese lady had very poor English, so she asked for our Over-the-phone interpreting service for her marriage day. She truly wanted to understand what was going on and to feel all the pure emotions that day! We were really happy to help her on such a special occasion. Our interpreter was on the call during the ceremony of their marriage registration and interpreted consecutively the entire ceremony. With the help of Homeland Language Services, this Chinese lady could understand all the communication in English and answer the questions in Chinese. After the wedding ceremony, she said that she was able to enjoy that day to the max since she didn’t get nervous or afraid to misunderstand some English terms. She got real satisfaction from her wedding day as it should be!

If you think that the story ends here, you are wrong. This married couple returned to our company to get a translation of their marriage certificate into Chinese. They were going to visit the family of the Chinese lady in her native country! Our translators work in 100+ languages, so this couple obtained a professional translation of their marriage certificate in the short term. 

We are always glad to help love grow among cultures from all over the world!

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