Happy Presidents’ Day!

The third Monday of February is a day known for celebrating both George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s combined Birthdays. Presidents’ Day was created in 1971 when President Richard Nixon combined the birthdays of two of our most well-known presidents into one single federal holiday.

Here are some interesting facts about American Presidents:
▪️ It was established in 1885 in honor of President George Washington’s birthday
▪️ Washington’s birthday was actually on February 22, 1732 (this would be his 291st birthday!)
▪️ Lincoln’s birthday was actually on February 12, 1809 (this would be his 214th birthday!)
▪️ George Washington is the first president to be featured on a postage stamp.
▪️ Abraham Lincoln was the tallest of the U.S. presidents, measuring 6’ 4” tall.
▪️ Virginia is the birthplace of more United States presidents than any other state, followed by Ohio and Massachusetts.
▪️ Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, carried letters, bills, and notes in his tall stovepipe hat.
▪️ Harry S. Truman was the first president to have his Inauguration and speeches televised.