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Basic lifehacks for interpreters

Being an Over-the-Phone or Onsite Interpreter is very challenging. An interpreter can help people communicate. Especially, interpreters must help patients to get proper medical treatments or legal advice. However, interpreters need lots of things to learn. They improve their skills and knowledge all the time.
We expect a lot from the knowledge of the second language, but it doesn’t give us the right to call ourselves interpreters. Experienced interpreters remember the lifehacks that helped them at the beginning of their careers. Here are some of them:

1. Get ready before meeting

When you check the details and get prepared before a meeting or shift, you feel more confident.
If you are an onsite interpreter, always get the address where the meeting is held, and where you should work. Check the time for a trip, places for parking, or opportunities to use public transport.
If you work online, check the platform for conferences, webinars, meetings, or calls. It is always a good idea to make a test call to be sure, that your camera, microphone, and headset work properly.
Take some time to refresh the vocabulary that can be used during your interpreting session. More information before you have about subject, speakers, companies or organizations – more effective will be your job.

Such details in preparation will save you time, money, and nerves.

2. Analyse previous experience and improve it

Make time to analyze your previous experience. It will help you to make conclusions about how to improve your job in the future. Don’t focus only on weak places and mistakes. Always take into account your strong skills and difficult cases where you performed successfully. This “homework” will help you to discover your strong characteristics and make them stronger, together with that you will see your weak places and improve them as well.

3. Ask for detailed instructions and follow them

When you are working for the agency, language provider (such as Homeland Language Services, for example), or even for an individual client, be sure that you know everything about your job position. Each of them has its own “rules of the game” and you should be ready to follow them. For example, agencies can ask for special reports or shifts, individual clients can provide the timetable of the meeting and vocabulary for it. You should be 100% aware of your responsibilities to get the work done.
Moreover, don’t forget to discover all the questions about your contract: salary, weekends and vacations and other vital conditions for you.
This way you will be on the same page with your employer or client initially.

4. Be a professional

Take one minute to think about what characteristics a professional interpreter should have. Add to them:

– improving the knowledge of Protocol
– continuous training
– development of emotional intellect and hard skills
– gaining certifications
– joining industry associations

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Video Remote Interpreting

Top Reasons You Why You Need VRI Services in California

VRI or Video remote interpretation services are an affordable way to get high-quality oral language services whenever you need them. Besides, VRI is friendly to social distancing. VRI is on-demand nowadays because it can be scheduled on the fly, making it ideal for a variety of settings and industries. Healthcare was one industry that has gained a lot from VRI, where telehealth and telemedicine have been increasingly being utilized.

VRI is a new format for professional real-time language access. It works by connecting an interpreter, who is at a call center equipped with a headset and video camera, with customers of limited English proficiency. Although the benefits of VRI are limitless in terms of real-time interpreting, the format is more frequently used in different organizations and industries. They include education, call centers, business, healthcare, insurance, and government. Here are some of the top reasons why you need VRI services in California:

Telemedicine and Telehealth Friendly

VRI easily integrates into telemedicine and telehealth systems for some reasons. Foremost, its on-demand nature makes it ideal for emergency scenarios. Besides, it facilitates the provision of healthcare services to patients in the comfort of their homes. Also, since federal laws require covered entities, such as Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, to provide language assistance to patients, VRI services in California make the healthcare entities compliant. Finally, in current required social distancing measures VRI makes great sense because it minimizes the number of patients coming into healthcare settings, hospitals, and clinics, putting fewer people at risk.

Accommodates the Need for Social Distancing

COVID-19 has made social distancing a common household term. At every opportunity possible, we try to make in-person meetings online in order to keep safe. But you can get real-time access to an interpreter without having to meet the client in person with the help of VRI. This solution, except language interpreting, retains the ability to see the facial expressions and body language of the participants. Besides, it is an ideal platform for American Sign Language services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

Available on Demand

VRI is ideal in situations where interpretation services are needed at a moment’s notice. This attribute is beneficial in emergency scenarios, such as hospitals or first responder situations where accurate communication is needed urgently.

No Travel Required

Interpreters do not have to travel to offer interpretation services, making the medium a lower-cost alternative to in-person interpretation.

VRI No Longer Requires Expensive Software

Today, VRI technology does not require expensive startup costs, such as special software or expensive equipment. In fact, it requires only an internet connection and a device with a webcam. Fortunately, modern devices come with a standard web camera. Again, high-speed internet is readily available and accessible almost everywhere in the US.

At Homeland Language Services, we excel at helping our clients grow their organizations and companies through our Video Remote Interpretation services. We have highly qualified video, remote interpreters, with industry-specific experience, working in a variety of languages and dialects.

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