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Language Services for Law Enforcement Organizations

This week started with National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

This day is dedicated to recognizing and thanking everyone in law enforcement for their tireless work to keep communities safe. The local, state and federal jobs are often thankless and take officers away from their families for long hours or days. On January 9th and during this upcoming month we can thank Law Enforcement Officers for their service.

Homeland Language Services is always ready to support Police and Law Enforcement organizations. Our interpreting and translating services were designed especially for the requirements of police forces. Our team helps them to keep their services accessible to anybody no matter which native language they need. Interpreters are important for communication with victims, witnesses, and suspects. Meanwhile, translation services are needed for witness statements, court summons, victim support letters, or public information.

Currently, Homeland Language Services provides interpreting and translation services for the Sheriff and Police Departments in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and Los Angeles County. This collaboration helps Sheriffs to overcome communication barriers. They have access to more than 100 different languages with the help of our language specialists.

Homeland Language Services has successful experience in partnership with Police agencies. The reason for that is our team! Our specialists have sufficient experience in different industries, including Law Enforcement. Today we are going to share with you the stories of our colleagues, who worked in Law Enforcement.

Florencia Gomez, Homeland Language Services Localization-Translation Department Supervisor:

“Being part of the police department was a challenge from the very beginning. I had the chance to meet people who are on the first line for the community, those who risk their lives for us. My experience helped me become stronger, and more focused and gave me the tools to be a better asset in Homeland Language Services. I am determined, with a strong sense of aid to others, and focused always on what is best for my peers, being my work colleagues or our clients.”

“Amazing facts you learn at the police: Companionship, experience, strength, honor.”

Jorge Lanazca, Homeland Language Services Key Account Manager:

“Having worked as an interpreter for law enforcement was truly great. It gave me the chance to serve my community and gave me the opportunity to travel. The knowledge and experience obtained through this line of work are very valuable. It’s a great feeling knowing that your work has a positive effect on the life of others.

Pros working for law enforecement:

  1. Work contributes to the safety and progress of the community
  2. Great work environment
  3. Great work experience
  4. Travel

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