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Interpretation Services in Washington Became More Popular

The job market is changing every year. But now due to technological development and new pandemic rules, changes are constant. We found the information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that in 2019 there were 77,400 interpreters employed in the USA, working in the education, medicine, law, and business field. It is the data that was collected two years ago. Can you just imagine how this number has grown during this time? How many offers does a person receive when googling “Interpreter near me”?

The majority of interpretation services in Washington and anywhere else are remote. Language specialists work remotely with flexible or fixed schedules. Today there are lots of different language companies or agencies. Moreover, professionals sometimes choose to work as individuals or freelancers. Data shows that the highest number of interpreters, though, are officially employed workers. We can’t count the independent freelancers with contracts who provide interpretation services in Washington from all over the world. 

It is said, that the number of interpreters and translators all over the world will definitely grow by 2029. Here we are talking about an increase of 20%! It’s one of the highest rates on the American labor market. Global migration tendencies result in a higher number of non-English speakers living in English-speaking countries such as the United States of America. That’s why the job of the interpreter will be of immediate interest for a long time in the future. 

Nowadays, interpretation services are provided with the help of several devices. For example, for the healthcare industry, the most popular is Over-the-Phone interpretation. Most of Washington’s Hospitals that use interpretation services are satisfied with communication with interpreters on the phone line. It is very comfortable to set up the appointments, conduct first-time visits, make the laboratory work or the procedure. 

Among others, interpretation services include Video remote interpreting services. This year it was noticed that Video remotes services were often used in schools and universities. Education became online for some period of the academic year and it was vital to keep the close contact between students and teachers alive. Additionally, teachers are calling parents of students also with the help of video remote interpretation services. 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, onsite interpretation services in Washington are also in need. Sometimes the request to find an “Interpreter near me” means to get the interpreting services physically in one place. For instance, it can be the court session for the less-English proficient person. He definitely needs the help of an interpreter in the building of the court, not by the telephone line or video call. Onsite interpreters can provide their clients with two types of services: simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Both occur in real-time, but during simultaneous one, both parties speak naturally without pauses, and consecutive interpretation gives the interpreter a word between speeches of two parties. 

Today we talked about interpretation services in Washington, and you see that this language niche is quite modern and can be helpful in any life situation with the help of a device or the physical presence of a professional interpreter.

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