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Homeland Language Services Celebrates International Sign Languages Day

On September 23rd, we joined the global community in celebrating International Sign Languages Day. This day serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of linguistic diversity and inclusivity, highlighting the rich tapestry of sign languages that exist worldwide. At Homeland Language Services, we are dedicated to promoting understanding, communication, and unity through language, and today, we extend our heartfelt support to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities across the globe.

Sign languages are not just modes of communication; they are the lifeblood of a vibrant and thriving community. They bridge the gap between individuals who have different hearing abilities, offering a unique window into the rich cultural traditions and shared experiences of Deaf individuals.
On this day, we take a moment to recognize the significance of sign languages in preserving heritage, fostering connections, and breaking down barriers.

In line with our commitment to promoting linguistic diversity and accessibility, we are honored to share a message from our President and Co-founder, Luis Lanazca:

We should consider that ASL goes beyond mere language conversation. It needs to be done with care and requires that the assigned interpreter be an appropriate, culturally competent fit for the individual receiving the Sign Language Support. So, going beyond knowing Sign Language, it’s also important to be a part of the community we’re serving or have an authentic connection and investment in it. This element makes all the difference in an interpretation assignment.

According to the National Census of the Deaf Population, more than half a million people in the US use American Sign Language (ASL) as their native language. ASL interpreting is a specialized field with a limited number of interpreters available, approximately 10,000 in the US. When we consider the requirements of both rural and busy metropolitan areas of the country, we realize that a limited number of individuals have to cover a lot of ground. This includes dividing their time between different agencies, locations, news events, as well as healthcare and educational settings.”

At Homeland Language Services, we continue to provide language solutions that empower individuals and organizations to communicate effectively across languages and abilities.

We encourage everyone to take a moment today to learn more about sign languages and engage with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Together, we can build a more inclusive world where every voice is heard and valued.

Happy International Sign Languages Day!

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Certified Sign Language Services

Sign Language Interpretation Services for all Medical Purpose in Boston

Human rights to freely communicate are equivalent for all, irrespective of one’s disability, who is deaf and feels hard to hear. People with hearing loss may need assistance to access communication for several purposes. For those with hearing loss, it becomes difficult to interact in medical appointments, education opportunities, employment meeting, training programs, press conference, public announcements and much more.

If we look over the current scenarios the world is trying to stand strong against global pandemic coronavirus, the states are disastrous. In these consequences, our qualified linguists will be there to help you in your medical emergencies, or other interpretation requirements, on a phone call – for audio or video consultation.

You may need our services and to avail them through on-site interpreting, support services, video/audio consulting, video remote interpreting, and more, you can get in touch with us. Homeland Language Services offers certified sign language services in Boston for a variety of industries and situation.

Our audio/ video remote interpretation is a powerful alternative to in-person interpretation service in recent conditions when gathering of more than two is prohibited to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. All that you need is a mobile device and accessibility to the internet.

When we are going through this vulnerable period right now, it is very important to support each other. At the moment, most of the businesses are working remotely and if, you think there is any way Homeland Language Services is eligible to assist you, feel free to contact us for cost-effective quotes.

Not matter what the cases is, our professional ASL linguist will take the responsible steps to commend for your requirements. So, if you’re looking for adequate linguist who can serve you with Certified Sign Language Services in Boston, allow us to help you.

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Certified sign language Services

Homeland Language Services: Best Choice for Certified Sign Language Services

Sign language interpreters facilitate smooth communication for people who have hearing impairment by helping them understand the message in a variety of situations. Deaf people, by necessity, need the presence of a highly skilled interpreter at the time of engaging in medical, legal, educational and several other sectors demanding complete participation in the hearing world.

In other words, when hearing and deaf people need to communicate with each other, choosing a professional and certified interpreter is a wise decision to get accuracy and clarity.
Never forget that the knowledge and expertise of interpreters is required when deaf clients need clear communication. To become an interpreter, a person need to be culturally sensitive and willing to act as a mediator. An interpreter is aware of the communication taking place in both worlds.

Why Choose Homeland Language Services?
Homeland Language Services has been providing certified sign language services in Boston. All our interpreters are highly skilled, trained, educated and are always available to assist you. This means that when you contact us, you will get the most dedicated, responsible and ethical interpreter. We ensure people who work with us are highly trained and stay updated with the changes in laws and regulations. We leave no stone unturned in providing access to materials and resources that educate interpreters and this helps them in providing world-class services.

Our interpreters are prepared to offer the best service while committed to meeting your needs, budget and deadline. It’s no exaggeration to say that we hire the most qualified employees and we are one of only a few companies to provide certified sign language services.

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Sign language Services in Miami

6 Important Skills of Sign Language Interpreters

The need for sign language service is gaining huge momentum and facial expressions, body language and even lip movements are known as integral part of a sign language interpreter’s job.

Professional sign language interpreting needs specific skills and some of them are listed below:

Accurate Information
Good sign language interpreters should convey the message accurately and impartially. They are required to interpret everything they hear even background noises they hear. Deaf people should be able to understand everything that is audible.

Interpret Faithfully
Interpreters need to give their best interpretation of what is being said. They also interpret relevant noises. They don’t edit or add their own views. If the speaker is enthusiastic, the best interpreter will even tell that.

Maintain Confidentiality
They don’t disclose private information about their clients. They should know how to maintain confidentiality on critical matters. The relationship between a deaf person and a sign language interpreter is a deep trust that should not be violated.

Stay in Their Roles
The primary role of an interpreter is to properly interpret what he hears. It’s no exaggeration to say that interpreting requires intense concentration in order to come up with accurate interpreting.

Experience in Many Fields
They are required to work in the legal, medical, media and education sectors. They need to specialize in many fields as the need of sign language services can occur anywhere.

Quick Thinking
Most sign language interpreting is done simultaneously with spoken language. The sign language interpreter should be able to synthesize the ideas of the spoken language and translate them in a proper way.

Homeland Language services offers certified sign language services in Boston and many other places. Qualification of an interpreter is checked before making part of the team. So without further ado, choose this company to reap great benefits.

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Sign Language

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Sign language Interpreters

A sign language interpreter refers to the personwho helps deaf individuals and hearing impaired understand the spoken languageby converting it into sign language. Signlanguage service is needed in schools, hospitals, offices and court roomsto name a few.

A sign language interpreter should understand the subject in a proper way and needs to accurately translate the information to the recipient. There are many cases where the interpreter will have to do research ahead of time such as if there is technical or complicated information that needs to be interpreted. It is seen that he or she will need to refer to encyclopedias, reference materials and dictionaries with the motive to be as accurate as possible.

Here are some insights in the characteristics of world-class sign language interpreters:

Good Observation

Body language and facial expressions communicate our messages and thoughts. Interpreters must read and interpret non-verbal forms of communication to replicate them in proper form so that hearing impaired can understand the message.


Sign language interpreters are medium. This means that they are not involved in the conversation but rather transmit what is said by the speaker. The crucial information discussed during appointments should not be revealed by an interpreter outside of the appointment.


Interpreters work in education, legal, corporateand medical settings. The demand for interpreters is always present. Hence,well-rounded professional experience is of utmost importance for an interpreter.Homeland Language Services is one of the best companies that has yearsof experience in offering certified signlanguage services in Boston. It has an experienced team that leaves nostone unturned in delivering qualitative work. Hence, you can choose thisservice provider without any worry.

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