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Homeland Language Services Partners with Texas A & M University and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services to Enhance Emergency Response Training

Homeland Language Services is proud to share news about an ongoing strategic partnership with Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services (TEEX) to provide high-quality simultaneous interpreting services for a series of critical emergency response training sessions. These sessions, conducted by the Texas A&M National Emergency Response and Recovery Training Center (NERRTC), are designed to equip emergency responders with the skills needed to manage a range of incidents, from active shooter scenarios to pediatric disasters.

Homeland Language Services has been delivering onsite live interpreting services, specifically tailored for Spanish-speaking students. Our interpreters bring a wealth of experience in Police, Fire, and EMS interpretation, and ensure that all participants receive the highest level of understanding and engagement throughout the training. Each session spans two to three days, allowing for comprehensive coverage of each topic.

In addition to Spanish, Homeland Language Services also provided Mixteco interpreters for the training sessions held in April, demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and our ability to cater to diverse linguistic needs.

Christian Lanazca, CEO of Homeland Language Services, honored the collaboration with TEEX, stating, “Our partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional interpreting services. By bridging language gaps, we are not only enhancing the training experience for participants but also contributing to more effective emergency response efforts nationwide.”

The Texas A&M National Emergency Response and Recovery Training Center has expressed its satisfaction with the performance of Homeland Language Services, acknowledging the significant role our interpreters play in ensuring the success of these training sessions.

About Homeland Language Services:

Homeland Language Services specializes in providing high-quality simultaneous interpreting services with conference equipment for a variety of settings, including emergency response training. Our team of experienced interpreters is dedicated to bridging communication gaps and enhancing understanding across diverse linguistic communities.


About Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services:

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services (TEEX) is a leader in the delivery of emergency response and recovery training. Through the National Emergency Response and Recovery Training Center (NERRTC), TEEX provides cutting-edge training programs designed to prepare emergency responders for a wide range of scenarios.

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Homeland Language Services and Reynolds School District Forge Successful Partnership in Language Interpretation Services

Homeland Language Services, a reliable language services provider, supports the Reynolds School District with exemplary language interpretation.

The Reynolds School District expressed deep appreciation for Homeland Language Services’ exceptional commitment and efficiency in delivering language interpretation services. The Reynolds School District highlighted Homeland Language Services’ invaluable role in facilitating effective communication between the school district and parents from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

One of the key aspects lauded by the Reynolds School District is Homeland Language Services’ user-friendly online portal for requesting interpreters. This portal has significantly streamlined the process, enabling the district’s department to access language interpretation services promptly and efficiently.

“Homeland Language Services stands out for their unwavering commitment to promptly resolving any issues that may arise. Whenever there is a situation where an interpreter is unavailable, the team at Homeland Language Services takes proactive steps to ensure that alternative arrangements are made promptly. This level of responsiveness has greatly contributed to the smooth functioning of our communication processes.

I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding efforts of Homeland Language Services during conference times. The team has been working tirelessly to ensure that our district has access to interpreters for virtual conferences, thereby facilitating effective and accessible communication between educators and parents,” – Ismael Gonzalez, Language Services Coordinator at Reynolds School District.

Given this feedback, the Reynolds School District highly recommends Homeland Language Services for their professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to facilitating effective communication. They endorse Homeland Language Services as a reliable and high-quality provider of language interpretation services for any organization seeking to improve language access.

Homeland Language Services is honored to receive such positive feedback from the Reynolds School District and remains committed to delivering top-notch language interpretation services to clients across various sectors.

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Internal free educational courses for interpreters

At Homeland Language Services, we recognize interpreters‘ critical role in bridging language barriers and facilitating effective communication. That’s why we are committed to providing our interpreters with the tools and resources they need to excel in their profession. We want to share information about our two internal resources for our interpreters.

One such resource is our online monthly course “Thrive” designed to empower interpreters with continuous learning opportunities.

“Thrive” isn’t just another training program; it’s a comprehensive platform where interpreters can immerse themselves in various topics, glossaries, and online materials tailored to enhance professional performance. Let’s take a closer look at what “Thrive” offers and how it benefits our interpreters:

”We recently held our first “THRIVE” practice session, where we explored simultaneous interpretation using the Zoom interpretation feature, just like in real conferences!
Throughout engaging discussions, interactive exercises, and valuable feedback, we delved into the medical field, arming our team with practical tools.
As the organizer, witnessing the team’s enthusiasm and dedication was truly inspiring. The session not only provided a platform for skill development but also underscored our collective commitment to delivering exceptional linguistic services. I’m confident that the knowledge and insights gained will drive us toward excellence.
The training session was a success, leaving the team energized and ready to apply their new skills. It reinforced the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in our pursuit of excellence, and I’m grateful to have been part of this transformative experience,” – Solana Petrecca, Onsite Recruitment Team Lead.

The second resource is our regular newsletter “Monthly Matters”. Our newsletter delivers a curated selection of valuable content tailored specifically for our interpreter community. From industry news and updates to tips for professional development and success, we strive to provide interpreters with the resources they need to thrive in their roles.

”Our newsletter is a great informative tool that offers important resources to the interpreters, it keeps them up to date with all the employee programs we offer, and also collaborates with their feeling of belonging to a team – by welcoming the new agents and motivating the experienced ones by presenting on a monthly-basis the top performers, which are very important strategies to keep them inspired and willing to grow/keep learning and improving,” – Larissa Mohallem, Team Lead.

Moreover, our newsletter serves as a two-way communication channel, allowing interpreters to share feedback, suggestions, and ideas. We believe that open dialogue is essential for continuous improvement, and we value the input of our interpreters in shaping the future of our services.


To all our dedicated interpreters, thank you for your hard work and commitment to breaking down language barriers and fostering understanding. Together, we’re making a difference, one communication at a time.

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Homeland Language Services Provides Language Services Support for Texas A&M University Search and Rescue Course in Puerto Rico

Homeland Language Services, an International Language Services Company with Headquarters in California and Florida, has partnered with Texas A&M University to provide Language Services Support for Classes held in Puerto Rico in 2024.

Funded by Texas A&M University and the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Search and Rescue (SAR) Course is designed for students and community members who want to learn about and become experts in search and rescue best practices.

Homeland Language Services COO Ernesto Lanazca controls the preparation for the course interpretation. 

The Course provides training and expertise in search and rescue operations in urban, rural, aquatic, and wilderness locations. The field of Search and Rescue includes many specialties and sub-fields, including mountain rescue, ground search, combat search and rescue, and air-sea rescue. The most recent Course was held at Roberto Clemente Stadium in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

“Our collaboration with Texas A&M University demonstrates our commitment to bridging the communication gap in times of crisis,” said Christian Lanazca, CEO and co-founder at Homeland Language Services. “We understand the critical importance of language accessibility and are proud to contribute our expertise to support Texas A&M University’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Course. By providing onsite interpreters and needed hardware, we aim to ensure that language barriers do not hinder individuals from accessing the vital assistance and resources they need during these challenging times.”

Homeland Language Services CEO Christian Lanazca and COO Ernesto Lanazca present our company onsite. 

Homeland Language Services provides live language support during these Classes, including Consecutive and Simultaneous Spanish-English Interpreting, Audio and Sound System Equipment, and Technical Expertise.

Homeland Language Services is a reliable language services provider with a strong track record in offering comprehensive language solutions across various industries. With their extensive network of skilled linguists and a commitment to quality and reliability, they are well-equipped to support Texas A&M University and the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s mission in facilitating effective communication and understanding during disaster response operations.

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From Interpreter’s Position to Recruitment Lead: A Career Evolution in the Heart of Homeland Language Services

In the intricate mosaic of professional journeys, certain narratives unfold as compelling tales of transformation and uncharted potential. Meet Camila Rivas, whose journey at Homeland Language Services transcends the conventional boundaries of career progression. 

Join us as we delve into Camila’s inspiring trajectory, a testament to HLS’s commitment to fostering individual potential and embracing the diverse skills that professionals bring to the table. In this interview, Camila generously shares insights, challenges, and advice for language enthusiasts navigating their paths of evolution in the dynamic landscape of language services. 

In our conversation with Camila, she shared the transformative nature of her time at Homeland Language Services. What began as a role in Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) evolved into a platform for her to showcase her versatile talents. As she seamlessly transitioned into the realm of Human Resources Recruitment, it became evident that her aptitude for connecting with people extended beyond language barriers.

Camila’s journey within HLS is a testament to the organization’s commitment to fostering professional development and recognizing individual potential. From her initial role as an English-Spanish Interpreter, she demonstrated a keen ability to not only bridge linguistic gaps but also to identify and nurture talent within the organization.

Now, as the OPI Recruitment team lead, Camila brings a wealth of experience and insights to her new role. Her leadership is characterized by a unique blend of linguistic expertise, interpersonal skills, and a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape.

During our interview, Camila generously shared tips for language enthusiasts looking to embark on a similar journey. She emphasized the importance of continuous learning, not just in languages but also in understanding the cultural nuances that accompany them. 

  • Camila, you were promoted from the Talent Acquisition Specialist position. What advice can you give to people who are in the same position now?

Having transitioned from Talent Acquisition Specialist to OPI Recruitment Team Lead, my advice to colleagues is to develop effective communication, collaboration, and continuous learning. It’s really important to keep open communication channels, be proactive in staying ahead of industry trends, collaborate closely, and embrace a culture of continuous learning.

  • In your experience, what are the challenges of hiring experts in the language services market?

Challenges involve finding people with the right language skills, ensuring high-quality work, adapting to technological changes, managing diverse services, handling project complexities, and maintaining cultural sensitivity.

  • Can you share with us the goals for you at Homeland Language Services and in your new position as an OPI Recruitment Team Lead?

At Homeland Language Services, my aims include honing my skills in my current role. I’m also keen on exploring additional opportunities for growth and continuing to demonstrate my abilities. As the OPI Recruitment Team Lead, my primary objective is to effectively handle all responsibilities, supporting my colleagues and ensuring the smooth organization of our sub-department.

Camila’s story is not just one of professional growth within HLS but also a celebration of the diverse skill sets individuals can bring to the table when allowed to explore and evolve within an organization that values its potential. As we congratulate Camila on her new role, we anticipate that her leadership will further enhance the OPI Recruitment team’s capabilities and contribute to the continued success of Homeland Language Services.

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Virtual Interpreters‘ Symposium highlights

On October 7th the organization Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta helped the Interpreter’s Virtual Symposium 2023. We were proud to support this special educational event for interpreters. One of our company goals is to enrich the knowledge of interpreters to provide the best quality services. The aim is one and only – to make communication easier in the whole world 🌎❤️

We were happy to reward our best interpreters with tickets for the Symposium – to refresh and discover something new for their profession 🤓

Important insights

There was a lot of interesting and useful information from each speaker at the Symposium. We want to share some vital insights we got at this education event. Michael Berrospi, Compliance & Training Manager, gathered some ideas to help you understand the valuable role you have as an interpreter. The reason why our clients provide this service and why our non-English speaking community needs us.

Why is the role of the interpreter so important?

  • Cancer patients are meant to receive accurate information about their disease, treatment, and ongoing care with their PCP and get up-to-date information in the amount of detail they want.

  • Patients are meant to fully understand their diagnosis to make an informed decision about their treatment.

  • Believing in a supreme being, in miracles, gives people the will to live, to get over, and to keep fighting. We must respect that as part of their culture, beliefs, and language. If a person wants to believe he is a bird, then that is fine if it works for them.

  • The social consequences of mental health and substance abuse problems are much greater than generally appreciated, quite large, and costly. It is estimated that at least a third of the adult population experiences some impairment due to behavioral problems such as anxiety disorder, alcohol dependence, and affective disorders.

  • Advocacy is the criteria to identify, prevent, and reduce discrimination. Nobody should be subject to any mistreatment, abuse, or segregation. Generally, we are subject to rules and regulations from our clients in terms of our intervention and it is your duty to find a good balance between overstepping any circumstances and overlooking any abuse.

  • Interpreters are the way to create an inclusive environment, tearing down any barriers that may leave anyone out. We are the bridge and reduce the unreal distance between a person and the benefits or services they are entitled to and we help eliminate any cultural, social, economic, and language gaps.


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World English Language Day: Insights from James Jones, Vice-President of Sales at Homeland Language Services

On the occasion of World English Language Day, Homeland Language Services is thrilled to bring you a special message from our Vice President, James Jones. This global celebration is a perfect backdrop for us to dive into the role of language services in promoting inclusive communication worldwide.

We asked James: What language means to you?

”We are a diverse company of employees here at Homeland Language Services. This gives us the ability to work with international communities daily.

Language is the bridge that connects us. Even though we speak many different languages, we can communicate together through common use of the English Language and also, when needed, through translation and interpreting.

Language is the way we can share our joys, successes, sorrows, pains, and disappointments, across Time Zones and Countries, Language brings us together.

We Thank You for being a part of our growing success here at Homeland Language Services. We Appreciate Your Interest, Partnerships, and Ongoing Support.

On World English Language Day we want to say how much your Communication means to Us and I Would Like to Thank You for Every One of our Media Followers.”

Homeland Language Services celebrates the profound impact of language in connecting people, fostering cultural exchange, and promoting understanding on a global scale.

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Lost in Translations: Nothing Should Be Lost. 🚫 The Crucial Role of Certified Medical Interpreters in Healthcare

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, where every second counts, accurate, clear, and timely communication can be a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, in a diverse and multicultural society like ours, language barriers can be significant roadblocks to effective healthcare delivery.

This is where certified medical interpreters step in as unsung heroes, bridging the gap between language and care.

At Homeland Language Services, we understand the critical importance of certified medical interpreters. Their role is not just about interpretation; it’s about ensuring that nothing is lost in translation, and here’s why:

✅ Accuracy: When it comes to healthcare, precision is non-negotiable. Medical terminology is intricate and can vary from one language to another. A certified medical interpreter undergoes rigorous training to master these nuances, guaranteeing that every medical term and detail is conveyed with unwavering accuracy. This precision can mean the difference between an effective diagnosis and a misunderstanding that could lead to harm.

🤝 Cultural Sensitivity: Healthcare isn’t just about diagnoses and treatments; it’s also about understanding the unique needs and beliefs of each patient. Certified medical interpreters are not just language experts; they are also well-versed in cultural sensitivity. They respect the diverse backgrounds, traditions, and values of patients, ensuring that healthcare providers can provide care that aligns with the patient’s cultural context.

⏱️ Timely Communication: In healthcare, time is often of the essence, especially in emergencies. Certified medical interpreters are trained to provide rapid, on-the-spot communication. They understand that delays in conveying critical information can lead to dire consequences. With a certified interpreter by your side, there’s no room for misunderstandings or delays when every second counts.

🔐 Confidentiality: Your medical information is personal and confidential. Certified interpreters adhere to strict confidentiality standards. Patients can share their health concerns and medical history knowing that their information remains secure and private.

The role of certified medical interpreters cannot be overstated. They are the linchpin in ensuring that every patient, regardless of their language or cultural background, has equal access to quality healthcare. They bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring that no vital information is lost in translation.

At Homeland Language Services, we’re dedicated to providing the clarity and precision that certified medical interpreters bring to the table. Your well-being is our priority, and we believe that in healthcare, nothing should ever be lost in translation. Choose the expertise of certified medical interpreters and experience the difference in healthcare delivery.


Unlocking Business Potential: Exploring the Benefits of Over-the-Phone Interpretation in Diverse Industries

In an increasingly interconnected global economy, communication is the key to breaking down barriers and fostering meaningful relationships. For businesses operating in diverse markets or serving multilingual customers, language can be a significant obstacle. This is where Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) comes into play. OPI from Homeland Language Services is a valuable linguistic service that connects businesses and organizations with professional interpreters via telephone to facilitate real-time communication in multiple languages. In this article, we will explore the benefits of OPI and its usage in different industries and types of businesses.

  1. 1. Accessibility and Convenience

One of the primary advantages of OPI is its accessibility and convenience. Unlike traditional on-site interpretation, OPI eliminates the need for physical presence, making it possible to access interpretation services from anywhere with a phone line. Businesses can connect with an interpreter within seconds, streamlining communication and reducing response time. This level of convenience is especially beneficial for industries that require immediate language support, such as healthcare, customer service, and emergency response.

  1. 2. Cost-Effectiveness

In comparison to in-person interpretation, OPI is more cost-effective, particularly for businesses with limited budgets. On-site interpretation often incurs expenses related to travel, accommodation, and hourly rates, whereas OPI charges are generally based on usage or subscription models, reducing overall costs. Small businesses and startups can leverage OPI services to bridge language gaps without straining their financial resources. Our company has very pleasant rates for partners and special offers for a long-term partnership.

  1. 3. Multifunctional Applicability

OPI finds applications across diverse industries and business types. Some of the key sectors that benefit from OPI include:

a. Healthcare: In the medical field, clear and accurate communication is crucial for diagnosing illnesses, providing treatment, and understanding patient needs. OPI facilitates seamless interactions between healthcare professionals and limited-English proficient patients, improving patient outcomes and safety.

b. Customer Service: In a globalized marketplace, businesses interact with customers from different language backgrounds. OPI empowers customer service representatives to engage with clients in their native languages, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

c. Government: Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) plays a crucial role in the government sector by breaking down language barriers in public services, legal proceedings, emergency response, immigration, and diplomatic interactions. It ensures effective communication with diverse populations, promotes inclusivity, and streamlines crucial government operations. OPI has become an indispensable tool for governments worldwide, facilitating efficient and accurate interactions with limited-English proficient individuals and international counterparts.

d. Legal: Law firms and courts frequently encounter language barriers when dealing with clients or witnesses who speak a different language. OPI ensures that legal proceedings run smoothly, allowing lawyers to communicate effectively with their clients and present their cases accurately.

e. Travel and Tourism: The travel industry thrives on international visitors. OPI enables hotels, airlines, and tourism agencies to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of their guests, enhancing their travel experience.

f. Retail and E-commerce: For businesses with an online presence, OPI enables seamless communication during sales, support, and order processing, leading to increased sales and improved customer retention.

  1. 4. Rapid Scalability

As businesses expand globally, the demand for language support can change rapidly. OPI offers a scalable solution, allowing companies to quickly adapt to changing linguistic needs. This flexibility ensures that businesses can continue to operate efficiently, irrespective of market dynamics and language requirements.

  1. 5. Confidentiality and Security

Professional OPI providers prioritize confidentiality and security. They adhere to stringent privacy standards to safeguard sensitive information exchanged during interpreted conversations. This makes OPI a reliable option for industries like healthcare, finance, and legal services, where data protection is of paramount importance.

In a world where communication connects businesses to global markets, language should never be a barrier. Over-the-Phone Interpretation bridges linguistic gaps and fosters seamless interactions between businesses and their diverse clientele. Its accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and multifunctional applicability make it an indispensable tool for businesses across various industries. With OPI from Homeland Language Services, companies can unlock their true potential and embark on a journey of success in the global marketplace.

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Empowering Mental Health: The Impact of Language Services during National Minority Mental Health Month

In the United States, the month of July is recognized as National Minority Mental Health Month, a time to raise awareness about the unique mental health challenges faced by minority communities. As we come together to support and advocate for the mental well-being of all individuals, it’s crucial to address the barriers that hinder access to mental health services within these communities. One powerful tool in bridging the gap and making mental health services more accessible to minorities is the utilization of language services.

Breaking Down Language Barriers:

Language barriers can be a significant obstacle for minority populations seeking mental health support. Many individuals within these communities may have limited English proficiency, making it challenging for them to express their emotions, thoughts, and struggles effectively. Moreover, cultural nuances and beliefs related to mental health may not translate accurately into English, leading to potential misunderstandings or misdiagnoses.

Here is where language services, such as professional interpretation and translation, play a crucial role. By providing mental health services in the native languages of the individuals seeking help, we can ensure that they feel heard, understood, and validated. This empathetic approach fosters trust between the patient and the mental health professional, breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity in Mental Health Care:

National Minority Mental Health Month serves as a reminder that mental health is not a one-size-fits-all issue. Different cultural backgrounds, life experiences, and belief systems influence how mental health is perceived and addressed within various minority communities. Acknowledging and respecting these differences is essential in providing effective mental health care to all individuals.

Language services provided by Homeland Language Services contribute to promoting inclusivity and diversity in mental health care by embracing the uniqueness of each individual’s cultural background. By offering mental health resources in multiple languages, we send a powerful message that mental health support is available and accessible to people from all walks of life.

Increasing Awareness and Access to Mental Health Services:

Awareness about the importance of mental health within minority communities is steadily growing, yet there is still much work to be done. By highlighting National Minority Mental Health Month, we can bring this crucial issue to the forefront of public discourse.

Through educational materials, blog articles, social media campaigns, and outreach events, language services providers like Homeland Language Services can help increase awareness about mental health support and the significance of linguistic accessibility. By empowering minority communities with knowledge and resources in their native languages, we can encourage more individuals to seek the help they need.

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