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Happy International Translation Day!

September 30th is a special day for our team of translators and their team leads. International Translation Day is an opportunity for us to pay tribute to the work of language professionals, which plays an important role in bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding, and cooperation. We are proud to have such strong and high-skilled language specialists on board. With their help, we provide high-quality translation services in the USA and worldwide. 

We talked to our Translation Department team to discuss why this day is so important for them. 

Florencia Gomez, Localization-Translation Department Supervisor:

“Today we celebrate the International Translators’ Day in reference to St. Jerome, a priest who translated the Bible from Hebrew into Latin.

His journey in translation could spread the word into all different cultures and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Translators play a fundamental role in bringing the world together, from Peace Treaties to your favorite Pop Song; they make science available to different countries so everyone can access all the most advanced literature.

That’s why, as the Project Manager and Translation Department Supervisor, and translator myself, in Homeland Language Services, I would like to congratulate our staff on their day and remember that your role is greatly appreciated in bringing peace, knowledge, development between nations and cultures all around the globe.”

Martina Viegas, Linguist Quality Specialist:

“As translators, we have a huge and important responsibility and we are liable for our works. We’re living in a globalized world and that’s where our role lies. We connect cultures, we build bridges between cultures and people for them to communicate, we make it possible. We must have the ability to transform everything so nothing changes, what an irony, right? And to be where we are, all of us experienced situations that -good or bad- strengthened our powers. 

Personally, becoming a translator was not easy at all, but acting as a professional translator when graduating was the difficult part, almost the most difficult part of my life! (The most  difficult was to study translation while being a single mom of a disabled child). Anyway, at college you have your guiding people, but after that, you’re left alone in the world. Fortunately, I soon became part of this amazing Homeland Language Services team and I love it. And it doesn’t matter if you’re working freelance or in-house, but you love so much what you do that you wake up happy thinking you have to work, this is called passion. This profession requires passion to succeed, and of course lack of sleep and tones of coffee. I had to fail to succeed, make a mistake to learn, fall to stand up. I could tell many stories to demonstrate it’s not a fairy tale, but each of us has to pave our own way. 

In my experience, every time I had to make a hard decision and I said NO, something better came to my life. So don’t be afraid of valuing yourself and valuing and honoring our profession, happy day for all translators who make the world a better place!”

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How to provide high-quality translation services?

Homeland Language Services’ translators have enormous experience working with different types of texts. With their help, we gathered some tips and advice for novice or freelance translators to become successful in their job.

Any professional translator can’t be excused from learning to use new tools and studying new techniques to provide better translations. In Homeland Language Services the translation process involves several stages that freelance translators are often not aware of.

There is much more to translation than simply typing in a foreign language and using CAT tools or translation memory tools. A professional translation service typically requires both a revision (or edition) and proofreading. These are two essential stages that need to take place before we can say that a document is ready to be delivered to the client.

In other words, the professional translation service includes the Quality Control stage in the process. The final text is read (or proofread) additionally before sending it to the client. Of course, we have a team for this, that’s why one document is translated and checked by several specialists. If you are a freelancer, you should implement the quality control stage in your working process. You should never send a project to your client without additional checks and reading it beforehand. 

Nevertheless, it is not the only piece of advice we want to share with you. Familiarize the following list: 

  1. 1. Review the document or files before starting a translation and check all the requirements from the client. Make sure that you received the right copies before starting translation. 
  2. 2. Work with the texts from your expertise industry. This way you can guarantee the quality of the translation. If you don’t specialize in the topic of a proposed project, think twice before agreeing on this job. 
  3. 3. Check the file format. Generally, files should be sent in a translation-friendly format with a translation memory. Also, don’t change the CAT tool, if the client specified it. By doing this you will save time and money using a tool that gives full compatibility with the initial formatting. 
  4. 4. Try to use glossaries, style guides, and terminology databases as much as possible. Sometimes, clients can send you a glossary or database together with material for translation. Use it! You can import it into a CAT tool and use the right terminology. 
  5. 5. Be honest. You should ask all questions, evaluate the deadline, and set and confirm the price before starting to provide translation service. 
  6. 6. Check your finished translation against the source for missing text or formatting issues. 
  7. 7. Check your finished translation (yes, once again). You should proofread it by yourself if you are a freelancer. If you work together with the editor, forward the project to him/her. 
  8. 8. Leave notes or comments for the client or editor. When you send the final version of the material, write a shorе accompanying letter. Even if there were no issues to mention, write that the process went smoothly. Clients appreciate it when you pay attention and show your concern about the project. 

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A Good Translator Should Be Passionate About His or Her Job

It is widely thought that speaking a foreign language gives you the ability to be a translator, but this job is not as easy as it seems. We gathered a list of qualities that a good translator should have, as well as a story from one of our personnel who created the meaning of a new word.

So, the question is: what are the characteristics of a good translator?

  1. 1. Passion and curiosity: Professional translators are passionate about what they do and try their best to deliver high-quality projects.
  2. 2. Skilled in linguistics and rich in vocabulary: Certified translators at Homeland Language Services have undergone extensive education and have considerable experience. Our professionals are constantly trained, gathering new knowledge to provide the best services.
  3. 3. Accuracy and honesty: Providing accurate information is essential for translations. The goal of professionals is to express the source text as clearly as possible without ambiguity.
  4. 4. Appreciation for other cultures: Diplomacy is their motto. They break down misconceptions, stigmas, and other language barriers, so as to prevent misunderstanding between different cultures.
  5. 5. Time management skills: Tight deadlines are part of the daily challenges; every minute can make a difference. Our certified translators cope with high-stakes situations when major projects need to be completed in a record time, which is usually in the medical and social industries.


At Homeland Language Services, we are proud of our translators, who possess these great qualities. Fortunately,  Ahmed Ali — one of our Arabic-English interpreters from Egypt— has shared with us the story about his translator experience:

“During my college days, I’ve had two major military translation projects. The first one was when my professor chose three of my colleagues —who had top scores in the exams— and myself to assist him with a military translation for a training project report between Saudi and American Air forces.

It was a challenging project, as it was a new field of translation for me and it was the first time I had a deadline to finish my share. Additionally, it was a classified document, so we could only work in our professor’s office with him.

The second project I’d worked on was my graduation project, where he asked us to translate a book in the military field that had not been translated before. I managed to find a book about Military siege tactics across history up to the modern ages.

One of the main challenges I have ever faced was a new word that was not found in any dictionary. After researching in vain, I informed my professor who advised me to fashion a new meaning out of the context. After he approved it, he decided to add it to his own Dictionary, which he was about to release.

Later on, I managed to put a glossary together after I finished translating the book. As a glossary was extra work and I was the only one who included it, my professor gave me the highest score and I managed to graduate with excellence.”

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World Refugee Day in 2022

Can you imagine that you need to leave your home, your country, and flee to another? And it wasn’t your choice. Every minute 20 people undergo this awful experience and become refugees.

It is very important to support refugees. But how we can do that if we even don’t know about them? Today the topic of refugees is more spread and visible in daily news due to the war in Ukraine. Russian invasion highlighted lots of world problems and the problem of refugees is among them.

The concept of seeking a place to save a life dates back as far back as Ancient Egypt was. But the international efforts to protect refugees started only at the beginning of the 20th century. The High Commission for Refugees was founded by the League of Nations in 1921. Again it was intended to help people escape the Russian Revolution.

During the past century, people have fled terror and oppression all over the world, from such countries as Armenia and Germany, Spain and Turkey. In recent years many refugees were displaced from Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria. At the end of 2021, there were 70 million displaced people all over the world, and now this number increases enormously.

The ultimate goal for refugees is to return to their home country when it is safe for them to do it. Unfortunately, often it is impossible for years. Meanwhile, refugees aim to integrate into their host nation. Frequently, people, who leave their native country don’t know foreign languages. So their adaptation process becomes even more complex.

It is a simple practice when refugees use language services. Moving to another country people often need translation services. They need to translate their documents, and application forms. Moreover, lots of countries require personal presence to apply for refugee status in special organizations. and this is the case when refugee needs interpretation services. Nowadays, it is a great opportunity to get different interpreting services. The refugee can choose the onsite interpretation, so the interpreter will be next to him, or Over-the-Phone interpretation, so the refugee will receive interpreting services in any place he needs.

The integration process in a new country is difficult and lengthy. The basic needs: food and shelter are covered the first of all. At these locations, volunteers work, and often they know the native language of refugees or are bilingual. Such practice for interpreters and translators is a priceless experience, considering what a great job they are doing. After refugees are accommodated, social and cultural integration starts. It depends on the mental and physical state of the refugee, so the process can also be long and not so easy.

Interpreters and translators at Homeland Language Services have huge experience in working with such sensitive situations. They all worked with clients on social issues, the healthcare and insurance sphere, and career-building. Moreover, they can be a confidential helper during the legal processes too.

Language specialists together with social and medical workers, volunteers, and government officers like no one else know the painful issues for refugees and can advise them partially.

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Document Translation Service

Document Translation Services in Houston: Increasing Language Accessibility for Educators

Educators depend on academic document translation to make learning more accessible. For English Language Learners transition to the American school system will be easier with translated academic documents. Besides, it ensures meaningful communication with Limited English Proficiency parents and guardians.

Furthermore, regulations governing language accessibility in institutions in the US require schools and school districts to communicate with LEP families in the languages they understand. So all learners receive equal access to educational opportunities and equal chance for academic achievement. Again, translating report cards and handbooks can help students from non-English speaking families and backgrounds progress academically while learning English. Essentially, there is no better way to keep parents and guardians informed than by helping them understand their child’s academic progress and needs. Document translation services in Houston can bridge this communication gap.
Here are commonly requested academic documents that teachers and educators are translating to make education more comfortable for foreign students:

Report Cards

The student report card is perhaps the most valuable communication tool of academia. Professional translation of student report cards allows the message from the teacher to reach parents without the risk of miscommunication. More critically, professional translation is beneficial to come across with teacher’s comments that are an important part of the student’s report card.

Student and Parent Handbooks

These documents contain essential information for parents and guardians, such as valuable phone numbers, parenting tips, testing dates, crucial meeting dates, policies, and graduation requirements. Your finalized or updated handbooks need to be professionally translated so that they are accurate and culturally appropriate for your school’s community.

School Rules and Policies

School rules and policies require regular updates. For LEP students and parents to understand newly updated rules and expectations, you will want to have these translated with each update. Professional translation is key ensuring your message is consistent and effective in all the target languages.

Details about Language Assistance Programs

As you share particulars about language assistance programs, you will want this data available in the languages that your students and community speak, so that they know how to access these services. Availing this information in various languages and in multiple formats provides LEP parents and guardians with the school-related advice they need to make informed decisions and be helpful participants in their children’s education.

Safety Manuals

Safety manuals provide information to school employees about safety regulations and policies. When getting safety manuals translated, make sure you find the best document translation services in Houston. It will ensure your final translation is of the highest quality. Safety content is vital so you need it to be translated as accurately and precisely as possible.

At Homeland Language Services we speak your learner’s language. For many years, we have allied with schools and school districts, delivering customized translation for education. We parallel our linguists’ prowess to the specific needs of your school’s project.

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Elite Content Marketing Pieces that Require Translation Services in Oxnard

Publishing your content into new languages enables you to scale up into entirely new markets. You can achieve his domestically by reaching the underserved non-English speaking audiences or internationally where other languages are spoken widely. Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain the target audience. The principal goal is to convert newcomers into loyal customers. The following points are elite content marketing pieces that lend themselves well to translation services in Oxnard:

Marketing and Sales Collateral

Marketing and sales collateral, such as brochures, business cards, sales sheets, infographics, eBooks, case studies, and advertisements are written and crafted with a great level of care by copywriting and design experts. The same degree of cultural sensitivity and expertise is required for successful translation into new languages. You will want to partner with a language service company with industry experience and localization expertise to help your content resonate with your target audience in different languages.


A corporate website is the main content asset for each business or company. Since the best traffic source for websites is search engines, they lend extremely well to translation. Translation of the website content into different target languages vastly expands your search items for new countries, multiplying your reach. The target audience is a fundamental aspect you need to discuss with the language service company so that your content will be highly tailored for each audience. For instance, target international audiences require a different approach from targeting a domestic language audience. Thus, you need localization and translation services simultaneously.

Press Releases

Translating a press release into a new language accords you an opportunity to reach an audience in the new country for your business. One of the merits of working with translation services in Oxnard is that they have certified translators available who are also industry experts in a wide range of fields.


Video content includes tutorials, interviews, reviews, testimonials, recorded events, advertisements, and documentaries. You can translate your video content with the help of subtitles and voiceover. Moreover, you can make several soundtracks in different languages, so your videos become understandable all over the world.

Social Media Content

There are billions of active social media users across the globe, so there are hundreds of millions of reasons to make translation of your social media content into new languages. Most major social media platforms provide an analytics dashboard rich with data about your followers. For instance, you can find what languages the biggest amount of them speak and the countries they are located in.

Teaming up with Homeland Language Service will be one of the most productive partnerships you can leverage for content. You will get access to a variety of languages you can’t reach with internal resources. More critically, your vendor will have translators on staff with requisite experience in your industry. Also, we have several formal processes in place so that your final translations will have the highest level of quality. At Homeland Language Services, we believe that content is the king of marketing. Whether it is marketing and sales collateral, a press release, video, social media content, or a website, we can help you reach new customers through proficient translation.

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