Stories of volunteers in Homeland Language Services

Volunteers selflessly benefit the lives of others. The people, who volunteer, make the world a better place. Volunteer Recognition Day acknowledges the beauty of this phenomenon. Every day there is a place for help. You can help other people, animals, and nature. 

We are proud to share stories of Homeland Language Services’ employees who volunteer and try to make this world better. 

“From February 24th lots of people in my country, Ukraine, became volunteers. So did I. I helped our army and volunteering organizations with money from the start of the war, which was initiated by Russia. I don’t count how I helped my family in occupied Chernihiv, because it is my family. I had to help them with evacuation, electric generator, money, and medications. Moreover, in the city where I live, Dnipro, I help the shelter for refugees with clothes. During the war, I made lots of free translations of documents. Just because I can. 

Each Ukrainian person, who has enough power and mental strength to do something in such a situation, tries to help with useful information, money, clothes, food, and drugs. During the war, we see an unbelievable amount of volunteers and volunteering organizations. Lots of them are working under the fire, a lot of them were killed and injured… Nowadays, volunteers are the second heroes after militaries,” – Kseniya Tarasova, Homeland Language Services. 


“I volunteered with Amnesty International in Bangkok. I set up a program for refugee children to get scholarships at international schools in Thailand. Children from Myanmar, Eritrea, Congo and other countries where they came from as refugees could study at schools completely free because of the project that we started,” – Kirill Konin, Homeland Language Services. 

“I am a volunteer translator for a Foundation in my home country Venezuela called Fundacion Madre Maria Luisa Casar. It is a school for 400 children located in a high-risk area of Caracas called Petare. They provide education, nutrition, and health services for the children and their families, as well as to the community where they are located. As a volunteer, I am in charge of translating their monthly newsletters for the Global Giving fundraising platform, as this is their main source of funding. This project is very dear to me and it is a blessing to be able to contribute,” – Gabriela Salas, Homeland Language Services. 


“I had a kind of volunteering experience in Africa. I was there for around 10 days in 2020 (January). I saw how kids living in really poor areas are involved in education with unsuccessful methodologies, unfortunately, and the lack of organization, which is hugely afflicting locals. 

I was with my Kenyan friend, Betty, and on that particular occasion, she could explain to me a bit more about the habits of the community as well as the diseases that kids or adults are subjected to seasonally. We tried to run our own NGO that was aimed to build a school in the area of Kilifi, but then, the virus came and we had to stop running it. 

We are planning, however, to start it again soon! :)” – Sara Mazzuoli, Homeland Language Services. 


“I’m so glad to hear there are so many of us (volunteers) and the number keeps on growing.  

I’ve been a volunteer for over a decade in a local NGO helping people after mental crises and those diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. It’s worth mentioning that the city I live in, Szczecin, is one of the biggest cities in Poland. Yet my organization is just a drop in the ocean of needs. However, thanks to volunteers and municipal support we celebrated the 17th anniversary this year and ain’t gonna stop.

I teach English in this NGO and give overall language support. Now and then I also act as a tour guide or a cleaning lady. My point is that there is always something to be done and everyone has skills to share, ever the slightest support matters. So it’s worth sharing your time, even an hour weekly to help. 

There is great power if people act together and every little help counts. Plus those who are being helped are mostly great teachers we learn from the big time,” – Małgorzata Gajda, Homeland Language Services.

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OPI Services in Florida

911 Calls: Interpreting Services in the Moments of Emergency

Over-the-Phone interpreters often become participants in intense, stressful situations. In many cases, they don’t know how these situations were resolved, but their job is very crucial in an emergency situation. The main characteristics of interpreting services during 911 calls are neutrality, confidentiality, accuracy, and rapidity.

Homeland Language Services interpreters face 911 calls every day. They are professional linguists and possess strong skills such as:

  • Bilingual level of English and target language
  • High memory retention
  • Developed emotional intelligence
  • Stress tolerance
  • Quick reaction
  • Cross-cultural communication

Our interpreters have medical certifications, moreover, they continuously participate in internal training to raise and support their professionalism. In a 911 call, they are capable of dealing with any type of situation and provide assistance for:

  • Medical emergencies;
  • Police and victims of crime (cases of fraud, theft, murder, violence, domestic violence);
  • People suffering mental health issues/illnesses;
  • Accidents.

To understand part of the interpreter’s role in a 911 call, we asked them to share some experiences from their daily work.

Here is a story of a 911 call from a Spanish-English Over-the-Phone interpreter at Homeland Language Services.

A little girl called 911. The operator added me as an interpreter to a call and I started listening carefully. To my surprise, this girl was whispering. She said that somebody walked into her house, while she was absolutely alone. I worked as an operator – fast and accurate. We asked her address, who was at home, what that guy looked like, and if he had a weapon with him. The girl continued whispering. She was really frightened and began to cry. The 911 operator, with the help of my voice in her native language, tried to calm her down. She was almost quiet when she heard that the guy walked up to the second floor. She was in the bathroom on that floor. She began to panic, but the operator asked her to keep the phone on, not to speak aloud, and wait for help. The operator said that the police were on their way to her house. The last thing that we heard from that small girl was that the door of the bathroom was opening… and the call ended.

Interpreters in Homeland Language Services are always ready to provide high-quality language assistance during emergency situations in 100+ languages.

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Over-the-Phone Interpretation in San Francisco

Over-the-phone interpretation service is a valuable asset in our diverse and fast-paced world. It allows you to provide essential language access to patients with Limited-English proficiency, support business communication, or provide exemplary customer service. Moreover, over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) services give instant access to professional interpreters, empowering organizations to connect and communicate effectively with non-English speakers. Great news, that OPI services can be connected globally from any geographical area.

Our over-the-phone interpreters are superior-trained and tested in varied fields of expertise, including legal, government, finance, insurance, and healthcare. We train and mentor our interpreters before they begin their careers with us. Also, we routinely review standards of practice and globally accepted codes of ethics to ensure the highest quality of services we are providing. Our clients can rely on over-the-phone interpretation in San Francisco for accurate, high-quality, and industry-specific performance.

Furthermore, our clients can depend on us to connect to an interpreter in seconds in emergencies. Thus, we guarantee that a medical, fire, police, or 9-1-1 team will respond in the shortest time to anybody who needs help and doesn’t speak English.

Homeland Languages Services’ superior technological capabilities ensure that we use automated dialing features to provide a fast connection for all of our clients. Finally, our over-the-phone interpretation services are available 24/7 to take care of critical inbound calls even in the event of a national emergency.

You might have imagined that as the focus shifts to online solutions, phone services may seem obsolete. On the contrary, over-the-phone interpretation in San Francisco has not lost its value and has become even more critical in the modern marketplace.

At Homeland Language Services, over-the-phone interpreters are experts in active listening and relaying messages from your client accurately and efficiently. They are trained in special interpreting techniques and carefully screened, tested, and certified by nationally recognized professional agencies. Moreover, our interpreters are HIPAA compliant and bound by a Language Interpreter Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. This attribute ensures that the information disclosed remains strictly confidential and interpretation is performed professionally. The entire Homeland Language Services team is dedicated to building a long-lasting business partnership. We strive to offer the most cost-effective rates in the industry while providing quality services, flexibility, and reliable support. We have the experience, team, and technology to convert the complexities of our nation’s linguistic landscape into a powerful business asset for you.

With Homeland Language Services as your over-the-phone interpretation partner, you will have a single dedicated customer service manager who tailors your call flow and account setup to your individual needs.

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over-the-phone interpretation

How to Book Smooth Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services in San Francisco

The statement “over-the-phone interpretation” is quite explanatory. Two different parties are looking for help in order to overcome the language barrier because they speak foreign languages or involve the Hard of Hearing or Deaf persons. In this case, an interpreter is needed to ensure smooth communication. 

Getting an on-site interpreter to facilitate communication can be time-consuming and costly. However, the parties can find over-the-phone interpretation services in San Francisco. Still interpreting remotely can be a challenge, but there are several tips to ensure successful and accurate delivery of information. Here are a few guidelines, how to choose the best over-the-phone interpreter.

Get a Reputable Service Provider

When you are searching for an over-the-phone interpreter, the first thing to consider is getting a reputable translation and interpreting provider.  You should check the online reviews from official websites or get referrals from friends.

Furthermore, it is essential to look at the translation services company website and substantiate its authority. A good translation company is likely to have a professional team specialized in different industries and languages.

Find Qualified Interpreters and Translators

Different cases require different types of specialists. Some industries require the services of certified interpreters and translators. For example, when an attorney wants to offer legal counsel to their Less English Proficiency (LEP) person, it is vital to hire a certified translator or interpreter in the legal field. Equally, a hospital will hire a healthcare specialist for translating medical terms and who has a qualification to offer such translation and interpreting services.

Quiet Environment And Secure Connections

After scheduling an appointment or before calling for an over-the-phone interpreter, you should check your environment. The room where you are going to talk should be noise-free to guarantee the precise delivery of information for both parties to understand. 

Besides, all the professional translation companies in San Francisco will recommend providing a strong phone service connection in your place. A landline phone suits the best way. Signal loss is less likely to occur in landline phones, unlike in cell phones. 

Over-the-phone interpretation services are usually paid per minute or per hour. Getting rid of all the possible distractions around can help you save on costs. 

Concise & Simple to the Point

When you have the interpreter on the phone, ensure that speaking is clear and concise. Sometimes, you need to talk louder, so the interpreter can get every detail correct. Accuracy is essential when interpreting information for both parties in the conversation.

It is a good idea to avoid the use of ambiguous words and technical vocabulary. The communication should be concise, on the point, and straightforward when conveying the message. Using plain language can help speed up the interpreting process and ensure a constant flow of conversation. Lastly, being simple and clear will save the cost of interpreting services as the process will be fast.

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