Note-taking tips for medical interpreters from interpreters in Homeland Language Services

The job of a medical interpreter requires a good memory, but it is still difficult to remember all the important details, especially when the speech for interpretation is long. The good news is that there are useful tips for effective note-taking, which can help a medical interpreter to catch all the details. 

  1. 1. Use keywords and abbreviations. 

It is better to focus on the KEYwords and phrases, instead of writing full sentences. You will save time and demonstrate a good speed of your interpreting. If you need to remember a complete sentence, use the abbreviations where possible. But you need to learn them and keep your glossary updated. Find one of the examples here.

  1. 2. Write down the keywords and terms in a particular order.

Try to write important terms and words in the order of a timeline. This method will help you to keep  track of the conversation and circle back to smaller details, those mentioned earlier in the conversation.. 

  1. 3. Use pictures and symbols.

If you can draw sketches and read them for interpreting, definitely use this method! Doodling improves memory, so it is an additional benefit for you. 

Moreover, with the help of symbols and  highlights you can indicate the main points of the conversation.

Our Arabic-English interpreter invented his own style of sketches. Ahmed AbouZekry from Egypt makes the illustrations from his notes for medical interpretation. Have you seen such notes before?

  1. 4. Group main ideas.

It is a good way to write down the main idea of the conversation or a part of it, and then to add supporting ones. This way you can create word clouds that will help you see all the information you need  at the same time. 

  1. 5. Use the “Subject, Verb, Object” method. 

The Subject, Verb, Object (or SVO) variant is part of a note-taking  method  first introduced by Jean-Francois Rozan in his 7 principles. It is performed exactly as its name describes..

On a piece of paper, write down the subject, verb, and object of each sentence you are listening to in descending order, diagonally to the right. Each new sentence or topic is separated by a horizontal line on a page.

Writing the main parts of the sentence, and in a way that shows their hierarchical relationship to each other, will help you better remember what was said.


Note-taking is one of the best tools that you can use during consecutive medical interpretation. Now you have tips on how to help yourself during the interpreting of medical calls. Try to practice them! You need some time to make it a habit and to use it in your daily work routine, so keep your head up and try to do this every day!

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How is the process of immigration to the USA bound by language services?

In January 2022, the total immigrant population in the USA hit 46,6 million people according to the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Survey. It is the highest number ever in the history of America. Despite the Covid-19 travel restrictions, the foreign-born population rebounded dramatically after President Biden’s victory. Reasons for that were restarting of visa processing overseas and the surge of illegal immigration at the border. However, the 1,6 million increase over the last year is quite large and significant. 

Whenever we speak about immigrants or foreign-born people, we mean people with native languages different from English. Of course, some of them have learned English at school or University, so they can freely communicate in English and solve their problems. But the majority don’t know English. That’s why there is a huge network of language providers. Homeland Language Services, one of them, provides non-English speaking people comprehensive interpreting and translating services in different spheres of their “new life”. For example, interpreting services are very much needed for legal and social issues (from filling in the form in order to get the Green card to getting food stamps for the family), in healthcare and medical support (from taking out the insurance to visiting the doctor’s appointment). 

Going back to the background of immigration process development, we need to state that the United States of America has been the main country destination for international migrants since 1970. Since then, the number of foreign-born people residing in the country has more than quadrupled – from less than 12 million in 1070 to near 50 million in 2022. This amount is the highest percentage in 112 years – immigrants are 14,2 percent of the total population. 

More than 40 percent of all international migrants worldwide in 2020 (115 million) were born in Asia, with nearly 20 percent primarily originating from six Asian countries including India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, and Afghanistan. Mexico was the second-largest country of origin, and the Russian Federation was the third. Several other European countries have sizable populations of emigrants, including Ukraine, Poland, the United Kingdom, Romania, and Germany. 

States with the largest increase in the immigrant population from January 2020 to January 2022 are Florida (up 531,000), Virginia (up 268,000), Texas (up 263,000), California (up 212,000), Indiana (up 205,000), Tennessee (up 198,000) and New Jersey (up 183,000). 

Nowadays, it is much easier to access the language needed by means of interpreters and translators. Homeland Language Services has a huge team of professionals who work remotely. We provide interpreting services that can be accessed from any city or state. The foreign-born individual can get the needed social service in his native language with the help of an Over-the-Phone interpreter or attend a telemedical appointment with a doctor with the help of a Video-remote interpreter. These services are affordable and easy to use because the certified interpreter can be in touch at any time and in any place, just a device, like a smartphone or computer, is needed. Our services are available in more than 100 languages.

Furthermore, our company has offices in California, Florida, New York, and Texas states. We can provide onsite interpreting services as well. There are some cases when an interpreter offline is needed for the meeting. Homeland Language Services offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. 

Taking into account the current world situation, which has been changing since February 24th, 2022 when Russia started the military invasion in Ukraine, we expect an increase of Ukrainian and Russian-speaking refugees all over the world and in America too. Day after day our sales department searches for new partners to be helpful with language services. At the same time, our interpreters and translators work 24/7 to fulfill the current demand in Over-the-Phone interpretation and translation services. 


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Stories of volunteers in Homeland Language Services

Volunteers selflessly benefit the lives of others. The people, who volunteer, make the world a better place. Volunteer Recognition Day acknowledges the beauty of this phenomenon. Every day there is a place for help. You can help other people, animals, and nature. 

We are proud to share stories of Homeland Language Services’ employees who volunteer and try to make this world better. 

“From February 24th lots of people in my country, Ukraine, became volunteers. So did I. I helped our army and volunteering organizations with money from the start of the war, which was initiated by Russia. I don’t count how I helped my family in occupied Chernihiv, because it is my family. I had to help them with evacuation, electric generator, money, and medications. Moreover, in the city where I live, Dnipro, I help the shelter for refugees with clothes. During the war, I made lots of free translations of documents. Just because I can. 

Each Ukrainian person, who has enough power and mental strength to do something in such a situation, tries to help with useful information, money, clothes, food, and drugs. During the war, we see an unbelievable amount of volunteers and volunteering organizations. Lots of them are working under the fire, a lot of them were killed and injured… Nowadays, volunteers are the second heroes after militaries,” – Kseniya Tarasova, Homeland Language Services. 


“I volunteered with Amnesty International in Bangkok. I set up a program for refugee children to get scholarships at international schools in Thailand. Children from Myanmar, Eritrea, Congo and other countries where they came from as refugees could study at schools completely free because of the project that we started,” – Kirill Konin, Homeland Language Services. 

“I am a volunteer translator for a Foundation in my home country Venezuela called Fundacion Madre Maria Luisa Casar. It is a school for 400 children located in a high-risk area of Caracas called Petare. They provide education, nutrition, and health services for the children and their families, as well as to the community where they are located. As a volunteer, I am in charge of translating their monthly newsletters for the Global Giving fundraising platform, as this is their main source of funding. This project is very dear to me and it is a blessing to be able to contribute,” – Gabriela Salas, Homeland Language Services. 


“I had a kind of volunteering experience in Africa. I was there for around 10 days in 2020 (January). I saw how kids living in really poor areas are involved in education with unsuccessful methodologies, unfortunately, and the lack of organization, which is hugely afflicting locals. 

I was with my Kenyan friend, Betty, and on that particular occasion, she could explain to me a bit more about the habits of the community as well as the diseases that kids or adults are subjected to seasonally. We tried to run our own NGO that was aimed to build a school in the area of Kilifi, but then, the virus came and we had to stop running it. 

We are planning, however, to start it again soon! :)” – Sara Mazzuoli, Homeland Language Services. 


“I’m so glad to hear there are so many of us (volunteers) and the number keeps on growing.  

I’ve been a volunteer for over a decade in a local NGO helping people after mental crises and those diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. It’s worth mentioning that the city I live in, Szczecin, is one of the biggest cities in Poland. Yet my organization is just a drop in the ocean of needs. However, thanks to volunteers and municipal support we celebrated the 17th anniversary this year and ain’t gonna stop.

I teach English in this NGO and give overall language support. Now and then I also act as a tour guide or a cleaning lady. My point is that there is always something to be done and everyone has skills to share, ever the slightest support matters. So it’s worth sharing your time, even an hour weekly to help. 

There is great power if people act together and every little help counts. Plus those who are being helped are mostly great teachers we learn from the big time,” – Małgorzata Gajda, Homeland Language Services.

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Medical Interpreting Services

Medical Interpreter in Texas City: Most Trusted Partner for Healthcare Industry

Providing excellent care to every individual, regardless of language, culture, or ability is essential for all healthcare providers. However, this can be cumbersome as the communities grow more culturally complex and multilingual. In this circumstance, it is more vital than ever to have a reliable medical interpreter in Texas City to help you seamlessly take on this challenge. 

Here are some of the reasons you need to partner with a professional medical interpreter in Texas City:

Medical Interpreters Improve Patient Satisfaction

When you’re in the hospital, peace of mind is as valuable as receiving the best care available. If you can’t understand what your doctor or nurse is saying, and they can’t understand you, your calm is almost impossible.

This is the most fundamental way that professional medical interpreters affect the patient experience. By communicating with them in a way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate, a doctor or nurse can increase their satisfaction and safety while building trust.

Medical Interpreters Decrease Hospital Readmissions 

Professional medical interpreters reduce readmission rates and complications by providing an in-language experience from intake to discharge and thorough aftercare. It facilitates better understanding and ultimately results in better health outcomes.
Professional medical interpreters also protect the provider. They lower the risk of misunderstanding, misdiagnoses, inadequately informed consent, and the inability to follow treatment plans, which can result in lawsuits, increased expenses, and repeat visits.

Medical Interpreters Increase Efficiency 

Meaningful access to professional medical interpreters leads to greater operational efficiency. When you interact in a patient’s preferred language, you can reduce the time needed for each encounter. You also decrease the number of diagnostic tests that might otherwise be ordered.
Professional medical interpreters increase staff productivity, too. Your team will no longer be frustrated by communication barriers and instead will be able to focus on delivering outstanding care.

Medical Interpreters Ensure Compliance 

By partnering with a professional medical interpreter, you ensure regulatory compliance and maximize reimbursements. For instance, partnering with Homeland Language Services ensures compliance with HIPAA, the Americans Disability Act, and Title IV of the Civil Rights Act.

Homeland Language Services has been trusted for years to deliver quality and accurate medical interpretation.

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Medical Interpretation Services

Advantages of Hiring a Language Service Company to Receive Excellent Medical Translation Services in Orlando

The medical specialty is distinguished by findings and expertise across cultural boundaries. Thus, medical translation is very demanding compared to other types of translation. Medical interpreters face several challenges, as medical terminology, specialization, readability, and unique characteristics of the medical language.

Firstly, the terminology used in the medical field is very specific, whether it concerns drugs, the health condition of the patients, or the infections that afflict them. Secondly, the use of medical language varies based on the participants and communicative situations. A large portion of the medical terminology is composed of eponyms. Also, medical language is frequented with the use of doublets and word compounding.

Partnering with a language service company that offers medical translation services in Orlando has several advantages. A quality language service company has translators on staff who have expertise in the healthcare field. Besides, they come with a wealth of previous experience helping healthcare providers navigate the constant challenges faced by translators in their industry. They have certifications in the medical field, which enables them to further delve into your translation projects to fully enhance your patient experience. 

Here are the top advantages for hiring a language service company to offer you medical translation services in Orlando:

Improvement of Patient Health Outcomes 

When patients with limited English proficiency receive better services with translation solutions, improved patient health outcomes are realized. LEP patients are at a greater risk of being misunderstood by their physicians. Besides, they are more likely to have low health literacy and consequently a poor understanding of doses. Making sure that healthcare documents are accurately translated into different languages ensures improved outcomes. 

Acquisition of New Patients

There is a strong positive association between providing content in your customers’ native languages and the likelihood of that consumer makes a purchase. As a result, you are better positioned to attract new patients if you accurately translate your healthcare documents using a language service company. 

Increase of Patient Experience 

In healthcare, translation services are essential for providing accurate and competent care. When you engage the services of a translation company to receive medical translation services in Orlando you will find additional opportunities to serve patients with limited English proficiency. As a result, your patients will easily find the right health provider to get treatment, retrieve medical records, and pay their bills. 

Productivity of Medical Staff

Rather than spending time explaining hospital policies to people speaking foreign languages, medical staff can concentrate on other duties to work more efficiently. Undistracted staff means that all patients experience care more promptly. 

At Homeland Language Services, we faithfully deliver world-class interpretation to caregivers and patients at their critical moments of need.

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Medical Translation Services in Orlando

Four Key Benefits of Medical Translation Services in Orlando

For about 15% of the world’s population in every home, English is not the predominant spoken language. Different communities from different regions speak other languages, and this is also viable in the United States. There are more than 360 languages in the US alone that are spoken, according to the 2015 census. As a result, many services require a translator for good information delivery, especially in the health sector.

No matter the language used, every citizen deserves good healthcare, so medical translation services in Orlando are essential. There is no margin for error in the medical field since it might lead to severe risks and even lead to death. To begin, here are key benefits to implement translation in the health sector.

  • Good Medical Translation Services in Orlando Saves Lives

Time is of the essence, especially when one is not well and seek immediate medical assistance. During this period, neither the doctor nor the patient should have a language barrier in their communication.

Having a medical translator readily available that accurately translates the conversation between the patient and physician will help eliminate possible mistakes in the diagnosing stage. The common misdiagnosis cases usually emanate from the communication stages, and they are easily avoidable.

From a sound translation system that is set up, many lives are saved. Many loved ones get to return home and go on with their regular routines. Many saved lives because of accurate communication will reduce the patient number in clinics and hospitals.

  • Time Saving

In the United States, there are more than 35 million Spanish-speaking people, and the majority are bilingual; they speak English and Spanish. But when a patient speaking Indian requires medical services, fewer physicians talk the same language, which will take time to find a staff that speaks Indian.

But with the tech advancement, getting a medical translator is relatively easy, and one can easily be acquired over the phone, on the internet, or even an in-house translator. This will eliminate the time taken looking for a translator, and the patient will get the attention immediately they arrive.

  • Fewer Mistakes Arise from a Professional Medical Translator

Not every word translated translates word for word, and not every language also translate word for word. Because of this, it is straightforward to get some translations wrong. And the little mistranslations can rise to pose more significant dangers when necessary to provide the right medical care to the patient.

To reduce the errors from translations, health practitioners must seek professional medical translations with a specific specialty to avoid mistakes. To further reduce the human error that can arise from fatigue, there are AI-based translators. There is a reduced error with AI translation, and the only fallback is that it relies on database updates.

  • More Mobility from Healthcare Translation Services

The many patients are seen and attended to every day, the better the economy keeps on growing. Patients get treated every moment without delay because of the instant access to translators.

With instant human translators’ availability, doctors and patients do not have to wait for an onsite translator to arrive. The instant translation makes it possible to reduce the waits, and it is waiting and ready no matter the language a patient has come speaks.

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Medical Translation Services

Medical Translation Services: Challenges and Opportunities

The medical field is characterized by discoveries and knowledge across cultural boundaries globally. Thus, medical translation is very demanding compared to other types of translation. Medical translators not only connect customers and businesses but also the professionals who work to improve people’s health and lives. Furthermore, medical translation services are essential to providing healthcare services to minorities and foreigners.

Medical translators face several challenges. Some of these include medical terminology, specialization, readability, and unique characteristics of the medical language.

Medical Terminology

First, the terminology used in the medical field is very specific, whether it concerns drugs, the health condition of the patient, or the infection that afflicts them. As a result, medical translation requires specialized translators who are knowledgeable in the special language of medicine and healthcare. To provide documents that would be very useful to doctors and nurses in caring for their patients, a medical translator must possess a deep knowledge of the sector’s technical terminology.


Besides the technical terminology of medical translation, the medical field is highly specialized. Like doctors, medical translators are often specialists in different fields. For instance, a translator who specializes in cardiology cannot be expected to offer medical translation services dealing with hematology.


Additionally, the use of medical language varies based on the participants and communicative situations. That is, specialized terms are used when the translation is to be used in expert-to-expert communication, such as discharge summaries, case studies, case notes, imaging reports, and research papers. On the contrary, if the medical translation services are between an expert and lay readers, such as between a medical device manufacturer and an end-user or doctor and patient, the medical translator must use less complex language.

Unique Characteristics of the Medical Language

Foremost, a large portion of the medical terminology is composed of eponyms. These are terms derived from medical procedures, signs and symptoms, medical devices, diseases, and the names of parts of the human anatomy. Examples include Alzheimer’s disease, Bard-Parker scalpel, Heller myotomy, Fallopian tubes, Adam’s apple, Parkinson’s disease, Jefferson fracture, Lou, and Gehrig disease.

Additionally, the medical world is full of acronyms and abbreviations. While English is the lingua franca in medicine and many of the English abbreviations and acronyms are adopted by other languages, there are exceptions and the translators have to deal with.

Finally, medical language is frequented with the use of doublets and word compounding. For instance, heart failure, patient safety, health care, and contrast medium are compound nominal phrases that are commonly used in fundamental medical English. Also, doublets, such as auditory canal, oral cavity, adipose tissue, optic nerve, frontal bone, and spinal cord can be troublesome during translation. A medical translator has to carefully choose the term to use depending on the target audience.

Solutions to the Challenges of Medical Translation

A high-quality medical translation is based on a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship between the medical institution and the client. At the same time, language services providers must employ medical translators who are experts in different fields of healthcare and medicine

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Medical Translation Services Orlando

Medical Translation Services: The Need of the Hour During Covid-19 Pandemic

It becomes highly difficult to survive in a foreign country when you don’t know the local language of that nation. Especially in these times of medical crisis when the entire world is trying hard to cope up with the biggest pandemic, none of us has ever seen.

Throughout this journey so far, medical translator have played a significant role in helping them beat the language barrier. In a country, like United States, residents speak more than 350 languages. There, out of total non-English speakers two-thirds speaks Spanish.

Medical Translation Services in Orlando
Homeland Language Services feels proud to declare our professional medical translator are continuing to deploy their services. We took this step to help more and more than we can, which is why we recommend remote translation service. It is simplest way to continue our tasks along with maintaining or following the Government guidelines. We are consistently monitoring the development update of coronavirus.

Understanding the dome of the world’s current medical situation, when there seems a no sooner possibility of a halt in the increasing count of corona patients, we need more and more highly quailed medical translators for the convenience of patients, and saving numerous lives.

Being a medical translation requires enough knowledge of the industry, and industry terms – he or she must hold a proficient medical knowledge. Every translator cannot help patients due to unawareness of an absolute understanding of medical terms.

We totally comprehend whatever is happening, monitoring latest updates, and hence taking the essential measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With sense of responsibility our translators are working in various regions across the globe. You can also take the advantage of our Medical Translation Services in Orlando. You can request a free quote for your requirements directly from our website or by getting in touch with us.

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Medical Translation Services

Medical Translation Services in Orlando During Corona Pandemic

Language-interpretation services are an essential part of the medical field. Alike on joining hands with vibrant industries, translation and interpretation services helped them globalize, expand beyond limits without worrying about the language barrier.

It became a key instrument in the early 20th century, popular among the academic, scientific, and medical researchers have done across the globe. The major contribution of language translation service in the formation of non-governmental organizations such as the UN (League of Nations), the World Health Organization (WHO) and others made the world capable to stand strong against the global pandemic.

In the condition as of now, when the deadly coronavirus is spreading across the globe rapidly, Homeland Language counts it as our responsibility to help every individual whichever way possible. You can avail the benefits of our medical translation services in Orlando through our website or by contacting us on call. A professional, highly qualified professional will hear your requirements and do the needful accordingly.

Orlando is the most visited destination in the United States, has several international flights taking-off from there each day. But, due to the risk of spreading the coronavirus government had stopped air transportations. However, many people who came earlier are stuck there. Not everyone knows a foreign language that deep to translate an important medical document. For genuine reasons, you need the assistance of an expert to do the job for you.

Homeland Language service provides qualified support to you these tough times and always. Our linguists are experienced and certified to deliver translation services. Thus, you will be getting assured, accurate medical translation services in Orlando. If you have any queries get in touch with us soon so that we help you out while taking all preventive measures as stated WHO against coronavirus, the most important of them is maintaining – Social Distancing.

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