The power of language – story of American senator Victoria Spartz

At the very moment, when an ordinary girl from Nosivka (a small town in Ukraine) becomes an American senator and votes for a lend-lease for Ukraine.

In 1999, Victoria Kulheyko was traveling around Ukraine by train and noticed that an American man, named Jason Spartz was trying to order dinner but the waiter did not know English. And nobody else in the train car knew how to speak English. So she offered to help him interpret. Mr. Spartz was very grateful and both exchanged their contact information.

With the years, they both got to know each other better and fell in love. In the year 2,000, Miss Kulheyko became Mrs. Spartz and moved to the U.S.A. 

Her husband’s successful agrarian business received great support from Victoria in accounting and finance. Her talent was noticed and soon, she started teaching at Indiana University.

Victoria became one of the founding members of the Hamilton County, Indiana, Tea Party. She served as the CFO in the Indiana Attorney General’s office and she was also an adjunct faculty member at the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis.

In June 2019 Victoria announced her candidacy for Indiana’s 5th congressional district. And to everyone’s surprise, she won the Republican primary elections on June 2, 2020. Her candidacy for the Senate was supported by 187,000 Americans.

This is how, from a simple dialogue with a foreigner, Victoria Spartz became an extraordinary foreigner leader and an example to many people. 

“I look forward to contributing to the United States’ beacon of freedom and hope for people around the world, and to promoting the free market and the rule of law in countries suffering from corruption and oppression. My warmest wishes to Ukrainians!” – this is the phrase Victoria said during one of her first speeches in the Senate.

The time has come. The lend-lease act was signed on May 9th, 2022. This is the start of a new era in the Russo-Ukrainian War when Ukraine is able to get great support to save and restore the country’s sovereignty.

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Stories of volunteers in Homeland Language Services

Volunteers selflessly benefit the lives of others. The people, who volunteer, make the world a better place. Volunteer Recognition Day acknowledges the beauty of this phenomenon. Every day there is a place for help. You can help other people, animals, and nature. 

We are proud to share stories of Homeland Language Services’ employees who volunteer and try to make this world better. 

“From February 24th lots of people in my country, Ukraine, became volunteers. So did I. I helped our army and volunteering organizations with money from the start of the war, which was initiated by Russia. I don’t count how I helped my family in occupied Chernihiv, because it is my family. I had to help them with evacuation, electric generator, money, and medications. Moreover, in the city where I live, Dnipro, I help the shelter for refugees with clothes. During the war, I made lots of free translations of documents. Just because I can. 

Each Ukrainian person, who has enough power and mental strength to do something in such a situation, tries to help with useful information, money, clothes, food, and drugs. During the war, we see an unbelievable amount of volunteers and volunteering organizations. Lots of them are working under the fire, a lot of them were killed and injured… Nowadays, volunteers are the second heroes after militaries,” – Kseniya Tarasova, Homeland Language Services. 


“I volunteered with Amnesty International in Bangkok. I set up a program for refugee children to get scholarships at international schools in Thailand. Children from Myanmar, Eritrea, Congo and other countries where they came from as refugees could study at schools completely free because of the project that we started,” – Kirill Konin, Homeland Language Services. 

“I am a volunteer translator for a Foundation in my home country Venezuela called Fundacion Madre Maria Luisa Casar. It is a school for 400 children located in a high-risk area of Caracas called Petare. They provide education, nutrition, and health services for the children and their families, as well as to the community where they are located. As a volunteer, I am in charge of translating their monthly newsletters for the Global Giving fundraising platform, as this is their main source of funding. This project is very dear to me and it is a blessing to be able to contribute,” – Gabriela Salas, Homeland Language Services. 


“I had a kind of volunteering experience in Africa. I was there for around 10 days in 2020 (January). I saw how kids living in really poor areas are involved in education with unsuccessful methodologies, unfortunately, and the lack of organization, which is hugely afflicting locals. 

I was with my Kenyan friend, Betty, and on that particular occasion, she could explain to me a bit more about the habits of the community as well as the diseases that kids or adults are subjected to seasonally. We tried to run our own NGO that was aimed to build a school in the area of Kilifi, but then, the virus came and we had to stop running it. 

We are planning, however, to start it again soon! :)” – Sara Mazzuoli, Homeland Language Services. 


“I’m so glad to hear there are so many of us (volunteers) and the number keeps on growing.  

I’ve been a volunteer for over a decade in a local NGO helping people after mental crises and those diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. It’s worth mentioning that the city I live in, Szczecin, is one of the biggest cities in Poland. Yet my organization is just a drop in the ocean of needs. However, thanks to volunteers and municipal support we celebrated the 17th anniversary this year and ain’t gonna stop.

I teach English in this NGO and give overall language support. Now and then I also act as a tour guide or a cleaning lady. My point is that there is always something to be done and everyone has skills to share, ever the slightest support matters. So it’s worth sharing your time, even an hour weekly to help. 

There is great power if people act together and every little help counts. Plus those who are being helped are mostly great teachers we learn from the big time,” – Małgorzata Gajda, Homeland Language Services.

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Certified Translation Services Near Me

Government Translation and Interpretation in Washington

The government has to collect, store, and distribute information to the citizens. The information has to be reliable, timely, on-demand, and be of help to the public. Awkward moments may arise when the data is inappropriately handled. The interpreters and translators have to handle every aspect of data with attention to detail, discreetness, and create a cultural awareness from the data.

The government websites in Washington should be accessible to every person regardless of the native language spoken. The best-translating website agencies make it easy for the broader public to understand information. For a better understanding of the people, the translator or interpreter should be comprehensive and be consistent in speaking and maintain an appropriate composure for information delivery. Due to this, the government’s foreign language translation and interpretation services are really important, since it helps deliver information authentically and understandably.
Here are the areas to be keen on when doing government translation and interpretation in Washington.

Translation Services Quality

The level of quality and accuracy is determined by security, diplomacy, education, social services, and trade. A trained interpreter and translator provide the local government office with secure and precise Washington government interpretation and translation.
Managing the governments’ documentations, privacy law has to come into play. And the translator and interpreter have to be highly secretive and maintain a top-notch level of confidentiality. With accuracy and care, the interpreters and translators need to convert any sensitive material. Besides, they should make sure that the confidentiality of any document is secure from unauthorized access.

Community Translation and Interpretation Service
The local government works, and law enforcement members communicate more often with people from different cultures with different languages, limited English speaking individuals, and the deaf.

Sign language translation near me in Washington needs to have competence from different cultures by developing their skills, knowledge, and ability to work efficiently. A translator and interpreter are better equipped to be aware when a culturally adaptable situation and the acceptable condition is needed.

More training in different cultures will help even when there are no wars or calamities. However, during humanitarian work missions and other benefits to the public, the government works will still be achievable.

Washington Local Government Localizing Services
Localization of government tasks goes beyond foreign language translation and interpretation, as any factor that affects the public is considered. The public must never lose or even misinterpret government messages during communication. For the government websites, tools, laws, and service cards, localization through interpretation and translation to everybody in public enhances Washington’s cultural precision. Besides, delivering data to relevant and easy-to-understand communities in their native languages and sign languages for a target with a big audience, will help boost the government’s website UX.

Foreign Language Information Technology Services
To warrant that large amounts of data in any culture and language are collected, crisscrossed, interpreted, and translated, the Washington government uses the best translating websites for foreign language analytics. Therefore, the sign language and language experts identify the right stop words, slang, and area phrases from the collected information, besides creating a personalized analytics index for every person. The public sector interpreters and translators of the foreign language have to be specialists in their languages and have a good mastery of the IT part.


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Foreign Language Translation

The Importance of Localization when Expanding into International Markets

Localization is the entire process of adapting your product and marketing to a specific location or market. It involves adapting graphics to target markets, modifying content to suit the tastes and consumption habits of the local market being targeted, and adapting design and layout to properly display translated text. Furthermore, localization entails converting units of measurements and currency to local conventions, formatting dates, addresses, and phone numbers, and addressing local regulations and legal requirements.

Here are Top Reasons why Localization is The Secret Weapon When Expanding Internationally:

  • Improves Global Reach
    Out of the world’s 7.5 billion people, just 1.5 billion (20%) speak English. If you want to go global, then you must first act local. Localization helps you reach and connect to any market in the world, regardless of language or culture. A quality localization company offering Foreign Language Translation can help you localize your expansion efforts by making sure your marketing connects with the groups of customers you wish to target. Localization not only helps you speak their language, it can also help your marketing be more culturally relevant so that it resonates with your customers.
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    When expanding into international markets, localization is especially important when it comes to SEO. As a marketer, you are probably already aware of how important search traffic is as a customer channel. People often will refer to your products or services differently from one country to the next. For example, in Australia, coriander is the preferred word used to describe what Americans refer to as Cilantro. If you were an American exporter, marketing a cilantro-based product to Australia, then you would want to localize for that term by calling it coriander. Otherwise your Australian customers would not be able to locate your product or even understand what you are selling. That is why it is important to do your research before expanding internationally. You will want to fully understand the way an audience in a new country will be looking for your product or service. This means Foreign Language Translation can help you select the right terms to improve your SEO for successful expansion into international markets.
  • Builds Trust, Loyalty and Lifetime Value with Customers
    When you speak in your customers’ native languages and localize your marketing content appropriately, you are better able to connect to them and have them return to you again and again. Research indicates that over 50% of consumers regard the ability to obtain information in their own language as more important than price. Furthermore, majority of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if their website and product information is available in their native language. In essence, by partnering with Homeland Language Services to localize your product information and support materials, you can improve loyalty with all customers regardless of what language they speak or where they reside.
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