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Why Government Translations are not for Everyone

Social services, commerce, education, defense, and diplomacy all hinge on the precision of information. As such, translation of government documents must be done by an agency that provides accurate and secure translations to local, state and federal government offices. In addition, the agency must understand the importance of security when it comes to handling government information, so respects the highest standards of confidentiality. Most important, it must be able to translate the sensitive government materials with meticulous care and precision. The common government documents that call for high levels of precision and care during translation include voter guide and election guides, confidential documents, immigration documents and birth certificates.

Here are some of the reasons why government translation and interpretation services in Washington are ideal:

Certified Quality
Any professional translation agency must be committed to best practices in every stage of the project lifecycle spanning from initial request to on-time delivery. The project managers and professional linguists ought to be trained and certified to ensure error-free deliverables based on the client’s specifications.

Translation Technology
Technology should be employed to improve efficiency in translation, hence lowering the cost of translation for the potential clients. For instance, client glossaries and translation memory tools ensure consistency and accuracy during translations. On the other hand, high volume translations such as technical manuals are translated using customized machine translation with human post-edit substantially reducing the cost of translation.

Meeting Deadlines and Rush Service
A company that intends to offer quick translation services in Texas must always open for business. The ability to deploy the highest qualified linguists at a moment’s notice making them the premier choice for government translation services is mandatory. Besides, availability of client portals which make it convenient for the agencies to prepare free quotes and settle on new projects is equally necessary. Finally, it is important to understand that some projects require expedited turnaround and are fully equipped to provide rush and next-day service to the government clients.

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