Medical Document Translation Services

The Need for Professional Medical Document Translation Services during a Pandemic

During a pandemic, patients need high-quality healthcare, which involves provision of timely and accurate communication. Caring for Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients can be complex due to language barriers. Therefore, in order to improve patient outcomes especially in the case of LEP patients, it is essential to provide your healthcare content and pertinent medical documents in the languages that your patients speak. As such, making your medical and healthcare documents multilingual is a requirement you must meet nowadays. Here are some essential healthcare content that requires professional medical document translation services:

Critical Medical Documents

Critical medical documents include complaint forms, discharge instructions, intake forms, informed consent documents, notices of eligibility criteria for services, and notices of free language assistance.

Translation of medical documents is complex for healthcare providers due to the extra costs involved. But to be eligible for federal financial assistance, medical institutions need to make critical medical documents available in the most common languages spoken by the patients. Moreover, they need to translate your medical documents for compliance with the federal regulations.

Emergency Notifications

It is especially important during a pandemic to inform all people that visit your healthcare facility about your health-related protocols. Such information include: lifesaving emergency information on a current situation, hand washing and sanitizing diagrams, and rules for visitors. It is vital to post these emergency notifications in all relevant languages in areas where there is high traffic and visibility such as entrance points, waiting areas, digital monitors, and displays throughout your facility. In the case of digital displays, you can make the information available in different languages through the use of subtitles. Having your emergency information available in various languages will ensure that all your patients can access critical information during a pandemic.

Digital Multilingual Emergency Communications

Communicating on social media and website, text messages, and emails are the best methods to quickly dispatch pertinent information for communities and patients you serve. As a healthcare provider, you need to send emergency messages covering various important topics regarding a pandemic in order to mitigate risk. To be effective, you need to make these communications available in multiple languages using professional medical document translation services.

Printed Multilingual Emergency Communications

The patients and the community you serve may not have yet adopted technology such as social media and email. In this light, direct mail in the form of printed cards is a way to inform this segment of the population. After preparing your piece in plain language, it is important to have a professional translation company localize the piece for you. This will ensure that your piece is high-quality, accurate, and culturally appropriate for target language speakers.

Partnering with Homeland Language Services ensures that all of your medical and healthcare content reaches the highest quality of translation. This will ensure that all the time, especially during pandemics, such as COVID-19, you are communicating the right information to the right people at the right time.