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The Definitive Guide to Translation Pricing

Translation pricing may seem confusing at first glance due to a range of pricing options provided by most vendors. In this article we provide you with details of translation pricing that can help you create informed questions and help lead to more comprehensive responses from translation providers. We believe that pricing is a fundamental factor to consider when choosing Localization and Translation services in Orlando. Thus, we are giving you a comprehensive guide to help you select the most suitable vendor.

Translation agencies in New York and all around the United States typically charge for translation on a per-word basis. Here are some of the factors that impact upon translation pricing:

Language Selection
Translation pricing depends on specific language(s) requested. That is to say, the price of your translation depends on the source and target languages. In particular, a popular language combination is less expensive than a translation with a more rare combination as there are likely to be fewer qualified translators available, such as a certified Spanish translator.

Content Volume
As mentioned earlier, translation companies normally charge for translation on a per-word basis. This implies that the length of the text affects pricing. In essence, translation of several thousand words is likely to be more expensive. However, the price of translation may be lower in case of recurring translations even in the case of lengthier texts.

Content Complexity
For generalist translations such as consumer-targeted or informational texts, regular rates are applicable. On the other hand, technical content requires an expert translator and more intensive work. A translator with an excellent grasp of specific terminologies required in technical translation is paid more than a non-specialist translator.

Turnaround Time
Translation pricing also depends on time sensitivity. An urgent translation means calling upon translators with immediate availability. Additionally, if a client requests a fast turnaround, the translators must be able to give full time and attention to the project to not only ensure timely delivery but also quality translation. As a consequence, time-sensitive projects are subject to higher rates.

Homeland Language Services takes a consultative approach to project management. We will partner with you to plan and budget your translation needs based on the above criteria. Additionally, we create a secure, dedicated translation memory that tracks and integrates


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