The Best Halloween Story in Homeland Language Services

Especially for Halloween celebration we made an internal story contest in Homeland Language Services. The story of our winner is so cute, so we decided to share it here, in our blog.

 Martina Belén Viegas, English-Spanish translator, our congratulations!

Here is her story about the ‘superb’ Halloween party from the childhood.

Halloween Story

“My mother always wanted me to study, to practice sports, to do activities and all that. So, among other things, she sent me, when I was very very little, to an English institute. The institute used to organize parties every year for Halloween, so we could exchange candies, wear costumes, accessories, etc. If, for example, October 31 was a day of the weekend or a day I didn’t have classes, they threw the party the next day we had classes.

One year, I was particularly excited about the party because I really liked a classmate (I was only 8). So I wanted to impress him. My mom bought me everything I wanted to wear and bring to share, and I got ready. She took me to the institute and when I arrived, I saw everyone was dressed in normal clothes. I was shocked, I thought they didn’t prepare anything for that day. But the teacher came to me and told me ‘it’s not today, it’s tomorrow’.  It was extremely embarrassing… even more in front of the boy I liked!

So I left home and changed my clothes. I didn’t want to come back because everyone saw me like that! But my mom made me go anyway so I had to go and take the class normally. Of course, I didn’t come back the next day, the day of the actual party.

The picture I send here was taken when I came back from the institute, I couldn’t stop laughing.”

We hope, that such cute story will make you smile and remember your childhood.