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Technology Enhances Affordable Interpretation Solutions

Many companies and interpretation firms are actively developing in order to meet new demands of interpretation. Nowadays thanks to modern technology, remote and video interpretation services are available worldwide. Mobile devices and smartphones became more convenient with the internet connection and now are available for affordable interpretation solutions for anybody.

Video technology has not only improved healthcare but many other industries as well. The use of technology has provided the much-needed benefit and reduction in operating costs while at the same time, not affecting the service delivery.

How technology positively affects the interpretation process?

Why Video Technology is Essential

Many settings and industries should put in use Video technology to get affordable interpretation services. It reduces the risks of coronavirus infection, costs, travel fatigue, and accommodation for interpreters and speakers. Devices, internet connection, and interpretation services become more accessible for any budget.  Moreover, during video remote interpretation specialists are only paid for the minutes worked, that makes sense to pay only for the time of service you really got.

High-Definition Video and Audio

Video and audio are vital for providing remote interpretation services. The media channels are constantly developing, so audio and video continue to advance in HD. Remote interpretation services rely upon HD quality of video and audio to deliver information accurately. 

When some words may sound similar, the interpreter will note the difference through HD. In addition, the specialist can pick up all the signs and nuances of languages and understand them. Glances, inflections, eye movements, and moods are contributed to the interpretation process and make the information complete.


Smart devices use apps to carry out various purposes. As new mobile devices and smartphones come up on the market every year, language apps help to offer affordable interpretation solutions. Apps can carry out more duties than converting the languages and texts. The apps can be integrated with AI media to increase interpretation efficiency and make the process smoother for all parties in the conversation.

Artificial intelligence software is made to mirror the human element in can help to find the best meaning for a word or phrase or, for example, search for a culturally suitable equivalent in the native language of a limited-English speaking person. Applications provide different levels of settings for any specialization needed. For a non-specialist audience, the app can offer interpretations in an easy way to understand.

Video Conferences

Modern video technology made online interpretation possible. Conference rooms and video conferences provide the connection platform with smart devices for individuals. Usually, video conferences involve screen’s demonstrating and video of speakers, so the audience can see and hear everything the interpreter is conferring.

Video conference technology provides a means of communication with people from different rooms, locations, or even parts of the world. When high-quality cameras and monitors, HD perfect microphones are used together, interpretation becomes super easy. 

VRI solutions are more likely to reduce the need for an in-house interpreter and, at the same time, deliver the intended information.

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