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Language Interpreting Service in Los Angeles

Traits to Check before Hiring an Interpreter

Speaking more than one language is highly impressive. But being able to professionally interpret is a completely different thing. An effective language interpreter possesses top-notch language skills. The can combine a number of linguistic and interpersonal abilities to get the job done right.

Important Characteristics of Good Interpreters

Language Skills
It is important for interpreters to have a good grasp of the language they interpret for. You can find this obvious, but it’s not always the case. An extensive vocabulary and excellent written and verbal communication are a must. He should have the ability to interpret idioms, nuance and metaphors.

Specific Knowledge
If the interpreter is working in a healthcare of legal industry then he needs to have specialized knowledge in a certain area for successful interpretation. This is known as one of the most important qualities and thus, should not be overlooked.

Important Skills
He is a lot more than just a skilled linguist. It is important to note that he should be a good and compassionate listener as this plays a pivotal role in having right interpretation.

Cultural Proficiency
Interpreter should have a cultural understanding of the languages they interpret for. This can help in identifying some non-verbal customs and cues that are specific to a geographical place or a group of people. Having complete knowledge of cultural norms will enable an interpreter to convey the right message.

The need for language interpreting services in Los Angeles is increasing at a rapid pace and Homeland Language Services completely understands this, thus they have highly skilled interpreters.

They ensure complete accuracy and qualitative language interpretation services. Hence, you can expand your brand internationally without worrying about anything.

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Language Interpreting Service

Differences between Certified and Non-certified Interpreters

Most people assume that being bilingual automatically indicates or equals the ability to interpret. On the contrary, bilingualism is not a sufficient guarantee of competency for one to work as an interpreter. In addition, having a certificate of attendance does not make you become a certified interpreter. You can seek professional interpreters’ services in San Francisco to get the difference. A certificate attests to attendance and successful completion of a targeted training or course on interpretation and is offered by the same entity that offered the training. On the other hand, being certified means that your proficiency has been assessed impartially by a third party. In this regard, a certified interpreter has an official recognition from a certifying body that he/she possesses certain qualifications and meets certain standards.

There are important reasons to choose a certified interpreter for facilitate appointment, conference or meeting. We have discussed the four most important below:

A certified interpreter offers trustworthy interpretations

A certified interpreter has gone through rigorous training to interpret different conversations taking place simultaneously or complex sentences. In addition, a certified interpreter maintains neutrality during a meeting or appointment and never offers personal opinions. Finally, he/she understands that you are at liberty to know the full context of the information being interpreted.

A certified interpreter has the ability to interpret complex vocabulary

A certified interpreter has gone through thorough testing of their language and knowledge of their fields of specialization. For this reason, they understand the terms used in their field of specialization in addition to understanding the language being interpreted. A non-certified translator is less likely to understand the content of interpretation and you may get a highly inaccurate interpretation.


Certified interpreters like those offering language interpreting services in Los Angeles are held to a strict code of conduct, of which confidentiality is part. As a result, certified interpreters offer security that critical information cannot be breached.


Certified interpreters have consistent and flawless experience in professionalism. They are consciously aware of the high standards they are held to, including how they conduct themselves to clients.

If you are looking for a reputable company with skilled and qualified interpreters that have met all certification specifications, you can depend on Homeland Language Services. Expect the expertise that can only come from a certified interpreter.

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Language Interpreting Service

Skills to Look for in an Interpreter

Like in any other field, translation and interpretation companies look for skills from potential employees before considering them as rightful candidates. Choosing the right interpreter for your firm may be a difficult task since professional qualification is not the only requirement for an interpreter.

As an employer in this field, it is necessary that you get qualified personnel who can deliver the best for you against your competitors. In order to do this, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • The Interpreter must have Incredible Language Skills.
    Interpretation is about having perfect grasp of the languages one is interpreting to and from. As such, an interpreter must have comprehensive verbal and written knowledge in their languages of specialization, with particular focus on idioms, metaphors, grammar and subtlety.
  • A Keen Interpreter must be a Good and Empathetic Listener.
    The interpreter must be a compassionate and patient listener so as to make the clients comfortable with one another. In addition, an interpreter with great listening skills has the advantage of understanding all the requirements and relaying the exact information given.
  • Be Inquisitive.
    Being inquisitive is a necessary skill for an interpreter since it allows him/her to deliver error-free information. However, the interpreter must ask only relevant questions.
  • Ability to Adhere to the Interpretation Code of Conduct.
    A good interpreter must be well versed with and adhere to the both the company policies and the general interpretation code. Having integrity and strictly observing confidentiality standards is equally important requirement in an interpreter.
  • Be Accredited.
    There are nationally and internationally recognized bodies including American Translators Association and National Board of Certified Medical Interpreters that focus on making interpreters bona fide. Therefore, it is important for any serious interpreter to have themselves registered as this ascertains their ability to perform their duties with professionalism.
  • Have Relevant Experience.
    The interpreter needs to have experience working in different fields like insurance, business, healthcare and others. This helps in making the interpretation natural as the interpreter will be perfectly at ease with diction in different niches.

Homeland Language Services employs the best interpreters in the market. Our extremely competent and highly professional interpreters are at your service 24/7. We are just a phone call away.

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Language Interpreting Service

Why Language Interpretation Service is Vital for Businesses

When you are dealing with global customers, you have no time for communication barriers to get in the way. With the use of professional language interpreting service, you can make sure that your clients receive correct information.

Choosing experienced and skilled interpreters comes with a wide range of benefits in which some of them are listed below:

International Reach

Professional interpreters are aware of multiple languages and there will be no need to avoid projects due to language barriers as your interpreter will translate all data and information necessary for you. Your business can expand its operations globally and as a result, you will reap the benefits of growing into new international markets.

Effective Communication

Your interpreter is able to offer your company an effective way to reach new and existing clients with your message. From business meetings to phone conversations and reports, your interpreter can ensure your company receives proper interpretation.


When you hire qualitative language interpreting service, you don’t have to worry about professionalism and accuracy. In fact, you will see that your business is receiving a high-degree of accuracy and this is because interpreters works diligently to relay your message in a concise way.

These are some of the benefits which should not be overlooked. If you are in the search of a leading company for language interpreting service in Los Angeles, then Homeland Language Services is the best choice. The company has a professional team of interpreters who leave no stone unturned in delivering high quality work. The best thing is that all interpreters are experienced, trained and certified. This means that you don’t have to worry about anything.