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Over-the-Phone Interpretation in San Francisco

Over-the-phone interpretation service is a valuable asset in our diverse and fast-paced world. It allows you to provide essential language access to patients with Limited-English proficiency, support business communication, or provide exemplary customer service. Moreover, over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) services give instant access to professional interpreters, empowering organizations to connect and communicate effectively with non-English speakers. Great news, that OPI services can be connected globally from any geographical area.

Our over-the-phone interpreters are superior-trained and tested in varied fields of expertise, including legal, government, finance, insurance, and healthcare. We train and mentor our interpreters before they begin their careers with us. Also, we routinely review standards of practice and globally accepted codes of ethics to ensure the highest quality of services we are providing. Our clients can rely on over-the-phone interpretation in San Francisco for accurate, high-quality, and industry-specific performance.

Furthermore, our clients can depend on us to connect to an interpreter in seconds in emergencies. Thus, we guarantee that a medical, fire, police, or 9-1-1 team will respond in the shortest time to anybody who needs help and doesn’t speak English.

Homeland Languages Services’ superior technological capabilities ensure that we use automated dialing features to provide a fast connection for all of our clients. Finally, our over-the-phone interpretation services are available 24/7 to take care of critical inbound calls even in the event of a national emergency.

You might have imagined that as the focus shifts to online solutions, phone services may seem obsolete. On the contrary, over-the-phone interpretation in San Francisco has not lost its value and has become even more critical in the modern marketplace.

At Homeland Language Services, over-the-phone interpreters are experts in active listening and relaying messages from your client accurately and efficiently. They are trained in special interpreting techniques and carefully screened, tested, and certified by nationally recognized professional agencies. Moreover, our interpreters are HIPAA compliant and bound by a Language Interpreter Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. This attribute ensures that the information disclosed remains strictly confidential and interpretation is performed professionally. The entire Homeland Language Services team is dedicated to building a long-lasting business partnership. We strive to offer the most cost-effective rates in the industry while providing quality services, flexibility, and reliable support. We have the experience, team, and technology to convert the complexities of our nation’s linguistic landscape into a powerful business asset for you.

With Homeland Language Services as your over-the-phone interpretation partner, you will have a single dedicated customer service manager who tailors your call flow and account setup to your individual needs.

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