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Most societies have a hearing-oriented structure. This hearing-oriented societal structure poses a serious challenge to deaf and hard of hearing individuals, who in the process of navigating this kind of orientation, experience discrimination due to communication barriers on the part of hearing people. Such discrimination is apparent in the restaurant industry.

The communication barrier makes restaurant dining difficult for deaf individuals, especially when the staff lack training on how to accommodate a deaf customer. Sometimes deaf individuals must file law suits in order to create change. In the end, such legal actions damage the reputation of the company and significantly reduce the number of customers that dine in those restaurants. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires businesses open to the public to ensure that individuals with a disability have equal access to all that the business has to offer including restaurants. ADA law clearly states that restaurants that discriminate against deaf patrons are violating a federal law and are subject to consequences. Thankfully, with the help of services such as certified sign language services in Boston, many restaurants comply with ADA, and some are even redefining themselves as “Deaf friendly” to ensure an equitable ordering experience for the deaf customers.

With the help of sign language interpreters, your restaurant can create a dining experience that allows deaf customers full access and gives hearing patrons not only a unique experience, but an educational one. If you have experienced the frequent and frustrating communication barrier between hearing waiters and deaf customers, then sign language services in Miami are what you need. Through providing accommodations such as interpretation services, discriminatory acts by restaurant employees will decrease and a bridge between the hearing and deaf communities can be created that will benefit both the communities. In addition, the hearing and deaf communities have the opportunity to come together in a shared experience that will benefit the whole society.

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