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Currently, American Sign Language (ASL) is one of the fastest-growing languages requested in the United States. ASL is a visual-spatial language used by the Deaf community. It is a native language for Deaf men and women and hard of hearing children born. ASL should not be considered a gestural form of English since it shares no grammatical similarities to English. Besides, hand gestures are not the only component of American Sign Language. Facial expressions, including lip-mouth, eyebrow, and body orientation are also significant in ASL and form a vital component of its grammatical system. Moreover, ASL utilizes the space surrounding the signer to express persons and places that are absent. More importantly, sign languages, such as American Sign Language are not universal. For instance, British Sign Language significantly differs from American Sign Language even though both countries speak English. Since sign language develops unconventionally, various countries’ signers cannot communicate easily with each other. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act forbids prejudice and ensures equal opportunity for people with disabilities in transportation, commercial facilities, public accommodations, state and local government services, and employment. Regarding communication, the community must evaluate the needs of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing person it is working with, and supply appropriate accommodations to guarantee effective communication. Therefore, it is inappropriate to engage companions to translate for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Companions may not dispatch the piece of information accurately and should be part of the conversation rather than serve as the medium for communication. 

Homeland Language Services offers the American Sign Language translation services and caption services to ensure successful transmission as stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our translators and interpreters are qualified providers and ensure our services are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA applies to several aspects of daily life, including interviewing for a job, meeting with teachers at school, and going to doctor’s appointments. Homeland Language Services provide American Sign Language interpretation services across the United States. Our language specialists provide translation and interpretation for different environments, including parent-teacher conferences, workers’ training and employee compensation interviews, medical appointments, client meetings, and court hearings, mediations, arbitration, and depositions. 

Homeland Language Services has a proven track record of providing American Sign Language services to clients nationwide in all industries.

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